Goals and Mantras for August

It’s the beginning of the month and that means it’s time to look back at my goals for the past month and set some new ones along with sharing some mantras to follow.  First up, let’s look at how I did in July. I tried to really go simple after not doing so well with my goals in June.

July Goals

Learn to love my pixie hair again – Done! I bought a couple of things that have helped me with styling along with watching some great style videos. I am still going to grow my bangs back out just a little bit but overall I’m much happier with my hair than I was a month ago.

Shop my own closet – Hahaha oops went thrifting again. This was likely an unrealistic goal. I still feel I’m being smart about my shopping though.

Move my body in some format every day – Yes. Even if it’s just a stroll outside on my afternoon break at work I am working to move around each day. It really helps having my Apple Watch keep me accountable!

Get back to using my Start Today journal. Nope. No good excuse here either other than plain laziness.

Find a storage unit for the kitchen. Nope. I’d like to get on this though, we got rid of Ollie’s play kitchen and we have space to fill where I’d like to store things like our crockpots and such. An Ikea trip is probably in our future.

Considering I didn’t really achieve any of my goals in June, I’m happy I hit at least two in July! It was a busy month too, so I think this is pretty darn good. I’m going to try to keep August’s goals simple too. Trying to still enjoy summer if we can!

August Goals

~Get Ollie ready for school

~Go to the State Fair

~Have a bonfire

~More disc golf

~Find a storage unit for the kitchen

A mix of fun and things that have to get done. I want to enjoy what’s left of summer but I am not burying my head in the sand that school starts in a month either. I think we can balance some playtime and some get stuff done time too.

I’m not going to lie, when I look back I don’t know if this will go down as one of my favorite summers ever. Time has been on fast forward. We had sickness that took us down for a couple of weeks. We’ve had stress at work. We’ve had some crappy weather. There’s been a few other things kind of getting me down too. It happens. But I’m determined to turn this ship around. It’s not too late to have a great summer and even if August is the “Sunday” of summer, it could turn out to be the best month of the season. Therefore, my mantras will be focused on finding positives.

Let’s make it a good month friends!! My Peaceful Posse ladies and I host this link up every month, so if you have a goal post for the month, feel free to share it with us below!

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7 thoughts on “Goals and Mantras for August

  1. This hasn’t been the most fun summer for me either…lots of family things going on, weird weather, my pool needs a new liner so I haven’t been swimming hardly at ALL this summer and that’s a favorite of mine, and my own weird injuries. So yes, trying to stay positive and hopefully August will be better! Or at least I’ll have a good Fall, so it’s my favorite.

  2. I SO wish I could pull off this hair but with my curls I feel like I’d look like… I’m not even sure what I would look like, but not good 🤣 it’s adorable on you and perfect for your face.

    I didn’t get much accomplished in July either and I think it’s just so dang hard to set attainable goals during the summer months when our brains are in vacation mode. Or is that just me? Ha!

    Here’s to a better August!!

  3. Sorry you the start of your summer wasn’t the greatest – I hope that it the rest of the season is a good one for you.
    Those quotes are lovely by the way. Been in such a funk the past few days so thank you for the reminders!

  4. 2 is better than none! I’d be psyched about a trip to Ikea, I love going there lol. And back to school shopping, I used to look forward to that so much as a kid! Good luck with your goals, and I hope August goes better for you than the rest of the summer did!

  5. I hope that this month is good to you and your family so that you can close out summer and start a new, fresh chapter in the fall.
    Have you found your storage unit as yet? You must be sad/nervous/excited for Ollie starting school, eh?

    Love the unicorn and the stop focusing on the negative meme. Why is that such a difficult thing to do? Maybe I’m just a cranky b all the time. LOL No, no, that’s not it, I just have little patience for stupid shiz.

    Can you believe we’re half way through August already?! CRAY! But that means for moi, Barbados is not far off – just 4 weeks from today!!!

    I hope you get all your things crossed off your list this month, hun. XOXOX

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