What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 8.2.19

Happy Friday one and all! I’m still a bit in denial that it’s August, but I’m rolling with it! It might be the “Sunday” of summer, but it’s going to be a good month. Anyway, since it is Friday, it’s time for my weekly check in alongside my gals Charlotte and Lindsay that we call What’s Up Weekend where we look back at the week that was and celebrate the things that made us happy and that we’re grateful for. End the week on a high! Here’s my list for this week.

(1) It’s been sunny just about every day for the last five days. I love my Vitamin D, not going to lie.

(2) Speaking of sunny, we have a sunflower in our backyard that is loving the sun too!

(3) Playing Wii Sports Resort with Ollie. It’s an 11 year old game, but I don’t care, he loves it and he’s getting quite good at it too!

(4) My handsome husband at the wedding last weekend. He’s damn fine in a suit, just saying.

(5) A coffee treat from my dad this morning who happened to be off of work alongside of my weekly donut treat. You can’t beat that combination!

(6) Going to an outdoor concert at the park by our house the other night and watching local group We Are The Willows. It was a beautiful night, we packed a picnic and it was lovely!

(7) A really good chat with my husband last night about some things that were weighing on my heart a little bit. He always knows the right things to say.

(8) Taking Ollie bowling when it was raining last Sunday. I’m a little embarassed to admit he may have had a better score than I did. Next time I want the bumpers too, ha!

(9) I got a brand new computer at work and it’s really slick!

(10) I cooked dinner last night for a change instead of Nate and I think it turned out really well. We had a pan roasted corn dish on the side of some smoked salmon we had in the fridge. I’d totally make it again!

And now we’re off and running into the weekend! Ollie and I plan to soak up some extra time with Nate before he takes off on a work trip. Thankfully he’ll only be gone a couple of days but we still miss him when he’s not here! I hope you all have a great weekend as well! As always feel free to link up with the ladies and I below and check out the other posts!

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5 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 8.2.19

  1. There’s something about a man in a suit, eh?? I love going to weddings for this reason, because we never have a chance to dress up and I think B looks so handsome too. As does Nate!!

    Awww heart to hearts are so important. I’m a bigger communicator than Bryan and some things just weigh heavily but when it gets time to unload you have to. Keeping feelings inside is so damaging.

    Also look at Ollie bowling! So cute. Hope you have a great weekend, Beth! Xo

  2. Looks good in a suit and knows just what to say. Girl you scored yourself a good one 🙂 . Our Wii controllers are broke and the boys keep asking for new ones. Such a fun game too! I have video of Alex when he was about 3 explaining how to play all the sports. Its one of my favs of him. I hope you guys have a great time together this weekend and that his time away goes by fast! Also, dinner looks yummy.

  3. Okay Nate looks so slick in his suit and with his stogie in hand. Looks gansta! HAHAHA!
    Girl, I’m still in disbelief it’s August. What in the heck man?!
    Did Nate already leave and come back from his work trip? Did you and Ollie enjoy yourselves without Dad home? I’m sure you guys missed him loads!
    Ollie looks like he’s grown this summer… CRAZY! Love your sunflower -they can grow so tall eh? I’ve seen ginormous ones before.

    Hope you’re having a good week lovey. love you! xoxo

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