Dear Universe 7.24.19

I feel like putting some letters out to the universe today, so that’s what I’m going to do! Here they are in no particular order!

Dear Summer,

SLOW DOWN. What’s your hurry? Are you not enjoying your time here in the great state of Minnesota? If you stay a little longer we can do more fun things together like disc golfing, eating outside, biking, bonfires. I’m not ready to say goodbye quite yet. So hang around, ok?

Love, Still Suffering PTSD from Winter 2019 Me

Dear Target,

I understand how you work, I really do, but having the school supplies out the day after the 4th of July, really does not help with this whole summer going too fast business. Also, when my child’s school has not sent out a supplies needed list this just gives me anxiety seeing the back to school signs everywhere when I come into your store. And I’m not even going to mention the Halloween items that I see waiting in the wings. Let me enjoy my summer dammit.

Love, Seasonal Rush Disorder Sufferer

Dear Taylor,

We love letting you sleep with us at night, we really do. But you really do not need to announce your presence by meowing, especially when you come in and there’s only a half hour until the alarm goes off. Also, could you stop licking Nate at night? I know he’s your favorite and you love him so much, but he’s not a salt lick. Just curl up and sleep ok?

Love, Sleepy Mom

Dear Goo Goo Dolls,

I am so excited for your new album and I see that you are touring in support of said new album, but there is no Minnesota stop? Yet you are going to be three places in Iowa and two places in Wisconsin? You’ll be so close, just swing on by! You’re one of my favorite bands to see live. Minnesota gets no love.

Love, 90s Music Fan Forever

Dear MN Twins,

I know you lost in the end last night but you have been on FIRE this season. Don’t F this up.

Love, I Still Remember the 1991 World Series

Dear Foss Swim School,

Thank you for your hard work teaching my kiddo how to swim. It’s seriously paying off and his confidence in the water is amazing. You guys are amazing.

Love, A Grateful Mom

Dear Deer in my Backyard,

We haven’t seen you but our neighbor has. We’re wise to you. You think you’re sneaky stealing bites off the top of our tomato plants. Thanks to you we now have the most ridiculous looking garden with socks of Irish Spring soap tied up everywhere. At least it smells good. But seriously, take a hike ok? Silverwood would love to have you.

Love, Should Buy Stock in Irish Spring soap

Those are my letters for today! Who would you send a letter into the Universe to right now?

4 thoughts on “Dear Universe 7.24.19

  1. Summer always seems to go faster than winter (or is it just me?) Freezing here at the moment and we had hail yesterday.
    LOL at the deer! That is so sneaky taking from your tomato plants!

  2. Love this. Summer really is flying this year. I feel like I haven’t done HALF of what I wanted to do this summer, but I guess I still have some time to fit things in!!


  3. I feel like Minnesota is getting jacked on a LOT of tours. I wonder if sports schedules are interfering or maybe the cost of the space is ridiculous? I don’t know but I’m over it. Also, I kind of hate concerts at Target Center so I’d prefer if everyone just went to Xcel. That’s my contribution to Dear Universe. HA!

  4. Man, summer goes so fast… and all the other seaons, too. I am trying to find a way to slooowww things down!

    So excited for the Goo Goo Dolls! 😉

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