What's Up Weekend

What’s up Weekend 7.12.19

Happy Friday!! This was my first full week at work in several weeks at this point which is kind of funny, but between vacation, sickness and a holiday I haven’t worked a full week since I think the beginning of June. But anyway, I survived the week, the weekend is going to be HOT and I think it’s going to be a lazy one for us. No complaints on that though! Before we look to the weekend though, it’s time to look back at the week that was with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay in our What’s Up Weekend link up. Each Friday we look back at the things we are grateful for or made us happy. Without further ado, here is my list!

(1) A wonderful long weekend last weekend with my favorite boys.

(2) This adorable shirt I thrifted. (Photo by Ollie)

(3) Starting Stranger Things season 3. I know people who have already watched the whole thing, but we kind of binge our shows slowly. The first two episodes were great though. So much 80s nostalgia!

(4) Delicious turnip leek soup made by Nate with Ollie’s help. It might look like a bowl of mush, but trust me, it was delicious.

(5) I got my butt out of bed and worked out today! I’m trying hard to get back into a regular habit of exercise, especially now that I have my awesome Apple Watch to track it.

(6) This little dude. He gives me so many reasons to smile each day. He’s such an awesome kid. Yes I’m bragging. I don’t care.

(7) Bringing a guy in my department out to lunch who is retiring next week and hearing all of his stories from 30 years of working at the City. He is hilarious and he’s going to be missed.

(8) A treat from Dunkin Donuts this morning courtesy of my mom and my kiddo.

(9) Sleeping with the windows open on a cooler day this week. Fresh air is wonderful.

(10) We’re getting so many goodies from our garden. This week we had turnips, sweet peas and raspberries. I love homegrown treats!

And now we’re off to a hot weekend as I said. We may have to set up the sprinkler or a pool or something! I hope to just be lazy and relax a bit. Summer days, am I right? I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Feel free to link up with the ladies and I below and check out the other posts!

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7 thoughts on “What’s up Weekend 7.12.19

  1. I haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, but I’ve heard so many great things about the show. You can never go wrong with donuts. Ollie is so adorable! I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I absolutely adore fresh air and I really like being able to open my windows. I really hate winter for a lot of reasons, but not being able to open a window is near the top of that list. Secondly, you always find THE BEST stuff while thrifting and I find the absolute worst. I found velvet pants. Who the hell is wearing velvet pants?!

  3. We are just starting season 2 of Stranger Things. A few episodes after dinner each night. Its so hard to stop lol but I know hes gotta get up early, so we have to. Yay for a work out. Go Beth!! I hope that things don’t get to hot for you this weekend. Summer in South Texas means windows stay shut. LOL . The air just as hot at night. Instead we open windows in the winter haha.

  4. I love that mermaid shirt! What a thoughtful treat to get the donut and coffee drink. Yum! We had a really cool night here last week and you better believe my window was wide open. That’s such a cute picture of Ollie in the hammock. He is getting so big!

  5. Cute mermaid shirt, and Ollie took a great photo. I hope you had a nice weekend and found some ways to keep cool. I’m really sad my pool isn’t working this year. I could really use more water time. LOL


  6. OMG I love that shirt on you so much! What a fun find! And I’m all in favor of bragging if you got an awesome kid–no shame in that! Yay for Dunkin’ anything (I’m totally going to have to head over myself today) and working out. It has been SO HOT that I haven’t made any effort to go to the gym and I miss it. B and I have been walking nightly though, once the sun sets and the temps drop some so we’re at least getting some exercise. I want to sleep with windows open again!

    PS: that soup looks/sounds amazing!

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