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It’s the first Wednesday of the month so it’s time for Currently with Anne of In Residence! This is one of my favorite monthly posts, I love sharing what’s currently happening based on the prompts. Here are this month’s current happenings!

~Currently I Am~

Reading – Fly Away by Kristin Hannah. This is the sequel to Firefly Lane which I absolutely adored. I will agree with friends who have said the second book isn’t quite as good, but even with that I’m finding this one is hard to put down and has been a fast read so far. I’ll have more in a future books read post.

Enjoying – My new Apple Watch. Yep, I went all in. I have wanted a different smartwatch for awhile now, then I thought about just giving up on the smartwatch all together, but after talking to Nate a bit decided that the Apple Watch would be a good fit. So far it is. We’re pretty happy together!

Finding – Joy in the little moments. I was really down for the last half of June and well, who could blame me when I was sick, but I have decided to choose joy and not let negativity air around me get me down.

Saving – Money and shopping my own closet! I honestly do not need anything at this point, so I’m trying to do a no-shop July on clothes. I’m focusing my energy on beauty, hair, makeup and that kind of thing instead. Besides, I still have new to me goodies from my cousin that I haven’t even worn yet!

Tasting – Strawberries from our own garden! They just exploded this week and we had enough the other day for each of us to have our own bowl full of them. YUM. More garden goodies are starting to pop up every day so I think we’ll have quite the harvest in the next couple of months!

That is the latest from here. Today is like my Friday, I don’t work tomorrow or Friday for the 4th of July holiday. I’m hoping for no rain so we can enjoy our picnic tomorrow! Anyway, be sure to head on over to In Residence for more currently posts or to add your own. Have a safe 4th of July weekend!

9 thoughts on “Currently in July

  1. Those strawberries look amazing! Here’s to a better July and no rain for your weekend. Happy 4th of July – an unknown phenomenon to the Brit that I am! 🙂

  2. I’m glad that you are enjoying the sequel – I absolutely loved the first Firefly Lane book but found the second difficult to get through.
    Sorry you haven’t been well – hope July is a better month health wise.

  3. Totally agree with Fly Away not being as good, but I love anything by Kristin Hannah! And yay for finding joy in the little moments; it truly helps to shift perspective! #Julycurrently

  4. Yum! Those strawberries look fantastic! Congrats on your new Apple watch too. I’ve really got to work on curbing my spending this month too. My credit card bills are pretty high because everything hit all at once, so no shopping for things other than necessities.
    Enjoy your 4th and your weekend!

  5. What a fun prompt! And yay for strawberries straight out of the garden! I have got to get my spending under control and am trying to pay off chunks of bills one at a time. Berlin kind of set me back but I’m hoping by the end of summer to get some of that debt off my shoulders.

    And it’s fun to shop your own closet! Sometimes it just takes mixing and matching to breathe new life into some pieces. Xoxo and happy 4th to your family!

  6. Nice! An apple watch…. if I didn’t love my Garmin so much, I’d definitely try the Apple watch, but I think Garmin is a better fit for me.
    I am loving strawberries right now, too! I didn’t plant my own this year, so I am jealous you have some from your own garden 🙂

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