Humpday Confessions

(Sort of) Humpday Confessions

Well since I am only ending up working three days this week, today is like my Wednesday. So it’s kind of my hump day. Therefore I can do Humpday Confessions even if it’s a Thursday. It’s my blog and I make the rules, so there. Ha. Anyway, it’s been quite a while since I’ve bared all so today just feels like a good day to cleanse. Here we go!

I confess….

That between vacation and sickness, not a single one of my goals for June will be accomplished. I’m human. It happens. We can start fresh in July.

That I actually kind of like Taylor Swift’s new song “You Need to Calm Down” and the music video that goes with it.

That we’re playing in the Surly Open disc golf tournament this weekend as we always do but it’s going to be blasted hot and I am NOT looking forward to it.

That my dresser and closet were starting to overflow after I’d made a couple of thrift purchases and took all that stuff from my cousin. My mom helped me cull it a bit and it’s more manageable now. No more shopping for clothes. If I can help it.

That Ollie had a lot of video game time while mama was sick. At least some of it was Wii Sports at least?

That I went to the shoe store with Nate the other day and didn’t buy a single thing for myself. Then again it was one of the days I didn’t feel the greatest but still.

That I left my umbrella in my car and they are threatening a storm right about the time that I’m going to lunch. Woo hoo!

That I have been a bit frustrated and discouraged with my hair since I chopped it all off again. Part of me wants to grow it back out just a little bit, but the other part of me wants to leave it be and work with it. It looks cute today anyway so there’s that. Maybe fresh color is the answer…

That I deleted my Plant Nanny app because while I have been better about drinking water, I kept forgetting to record it in my app. I can’t keep real plants alive much better, so I guess I’m not that surprised!

That I really don’t want to whine about the heat after the long cold spring we had, butttttt, I really wish we’d been eased into the super hot stuff a little more!

And that’s what I’ve got today. Phew. That feels better. Got anything you need to get off your mind? Hit me in the comments!

One thought on “(Sort of) Humpday Confessions

  1. It felt like a Wednesday for me too!
    July is a new month for goals so don’t sweat it. Hope you are feeling better now. Feeling ill in the heat is the worst isn’t it?

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