What I Wore – May

It’s the last Wednesday of the month, so it’s time to share my favorite outfits from Instagram. I had a hard time picking this time because to be honest, looking back I don’t love everything I wore in May. I think a big part of it is that the weather was making it really hard to dress. I want to be wearing skirts and dresses but many days was forced to still wear layers. So frustrating! Anyway, here are the looks I felt were reasonable enough winners. I swear by the end of June I had better be sharing more bare legs with you guys!

Sweater – Stitch Fix, T-shirt – Merona (Target), Jeans – Gap (Thrifted), Shoes – DSW, Necklace – Keep Collective, Goofy Child – All Mine

This t-shirt is one of the best things I have ever bought from Target. Everyone was wearing this on Instagram when this shirt was first out and I’m a follower so of course I had to have it, but it seriously goes with everything and is such a fun spring/summer shirt. And this was a day with Ollie in the mirror, being goofy as always. And this was also pre-haircut!

Shirt – Maurices (thrifted), Pants – Faded Glory (Thrifted), Shoes – From sister-in-law

Super simple look that I absolutely adore. A little subtle pattern mixing with floral and light polka dots. Fun spring colors. And I like the way this shirt hangs on me. Win.

Sweater – Lularoe Caroline, Tank top – Old Navy, Leggings – Target, Shoes that the picture cut off – from cousin, Necklace – Thirty One

This was a fun look I pulled together from the Pinned It, Spinned It girls on Instagram. The picture they chose had a sweater very similar to my beloved Caroline here. I liked the simplicity of all black underneath the colorful sweater also. Overall a fun and very comfy look!

Sweater – LOFT (from cousin), Pants – Amazon, Shoes – Target, Necklace – Stella and Dot

Very simple and rare neutral look from me. Sometimes that’s ok though. Not every outfit has to be bursting with color I suppose! This felt very classic and yet also very comfortable!

Jacket – Old Navy (thrifted), Shirt – Gap (thrifted), Pants – Simply Vera (thrifted), Shoes – From sister-in-law

Yay for an entirely secondhand look! It’s also a rather comfy one. I wish you could feel how soft this shirt is! I love it so much. It’s also short sleeved so if it gets warmer later I can pull off the jacket. This is today’s look if you hadn’t figured that out!

I’m hoping to be less disappointed with my looks in June. Like I said, I can only hope for warmer weather, right? So many pretty things in my closet are begging to be worn!

6 thoughts on “What I Wore – May

  1. I love all the colors in your outfits…they feel so Spring. I’m still wearing lots of layers here too, but I’m hopeful the weather will finally warm up and stay warm soon.

  2. I hear you on the weather making it hard to know what to wear! The days that I would think about wearing a skirt or dress, we would anticipate lots of rain and my rain boots would have looked silly so then I’d end up in a sweater and pants (and then the sun would usually shine and it would be warm) LOL

  3. I think it’s fair to say not many of us were disappointed in your May outfits, Beth! The second one is my favorite. I sold a pair of jeans to a woman in Target, then wowed her with a perfect folding of those pants, Konmari style. It quickly faded.

    “I’m supposed to do that with *all* my pants?” she said. “Maybe I should just hire you to come do it.”

    I mean, if the snacks were right …

    I do love these posts! Your style is rockin’.

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