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Thrifty Tuesday – Hits and Misses

Been awhile since I’ve shared some thrifted finds! Today I have some hits and misses to share. First up, I ordered another ThredUp Goodie Box. I loved the last one so much and this time took a risk and selected five things and let them select the other five things. Sadly, that was not the best choice ever. In fact, some of the items I picked for myself weren’t even that great. So, let’s get the bad out of the way first. Here are the misses.

Top from L to R: Unknown Brand Dress, Gap Dress, Banana Republic Dress

Bottom from L to R: Unknown Dress (yes it said dress on the sheet), Merona Dress, Kate Spade Tote

Where do I even begin? The first dress reminds me of something Kelly Kapowski would wear on Saved by the Bell. Nate liked the red Gap dress but there isn’t really anywhere I’d wear it, it’s not really something I’d wear to work. The Banana Republic dress is ok, but fit snug on my hips. The blue dress we’re still not sure is actually a dress, might be a shirt, no matter what it reminded me of a hospital gown. The Merona Dress I did choose myself but once I put it on it felt like a sack. And finally the Kate Spade tote I chose, but it looked smaller online, in person it is way too big for me. Sadly, all of this is going back.

Fortunately I did have three wins, all three were items I chose for myself. And they make an outfit, so really, it’s a pretty big win when you think about it.

Shirt – Unknown brand, Jeans – Chico’s, Shoes – Steve Madden

I love all three of these items. The shoes are kind of what I’ve been looking for, the jeans are perfection and fit great and the top is super fun. I wore this to a picnic at Nate’s aunt and uncle’s house yesterday and it worked out great.

Honestly only keeping three items out of ten is pretty average, I think that’s what I kept the last time too. The part that was more disappointing to me is that much like other styling services, ThredUp has you fill out a style survey and all of that and I feel like they didn’t read mine at all. Everything they picked for me was so opposite my style. Other styling services also usually include a style guide or suggestion card and there was nothing like that. I feel there are far better styling services out there (cough, Eco Resale, cough.). However, I’d consider using the ThredUp Goodie Box again to pre-select all my own items to “try before I buy”. I just will not let them choose for me again.

In other thrift wins I hit the thrift store yesterday very briefly for 50% off day and managed to check a couple of items off my summer wishlist.

I found the black checked shirt I’ve been seeking forever plus two pairs of jeans and a really cute short sleeved flannel that will be good for a cooler summer day.

Finally I think my biggest win and deal of the weekend is this adorable Betsey Johnson bag I found at a Garage Sale. It only cost…wait for it…ONE DOLLAR. It’s in great shape, brought her home and gave her a wipe down and she was good to go. I count this as one of the items on my summer wishlist also because it’s similar colored to the Kate Spade bag I originally was hoping to get. Nate also scored some pretty awesome speakers at the same garage sale that he’s hoping to hook up to a guitar amp while he teaches himself guitar.

So really, while I had those big misses with the ThredUp box, overall it was a pretty winning thrift weekend! Have you found any great deals lately?


6 thoughts on “Thrifty Tuesday – Hits and Misses

  1. That outfit you kept is perfect and you look so much more happier and comfortable in it than the others! Im laughing at that “dress” because it’s totally a long shirt. You look amazing in the red dress, but whats the point of having it if you have no where to wear it!? I like the idea with this box, try it on and send it back. I suck at shopping and fashion, so maybe I should give this a go LOL . And yay for great thrift finds!! Have a great week Beth!

  2. Omg I’m obsessed with that bag you picked up for $1!!!! What a great find! It’s sooo hard to find bags that are a perfect size, and that green one is definitely super big. Part of me loves ‘em big, but they’re so unpractical bc it takes forever to find what you need! I’m bummed you didn’t keep the red dress—I think it’s beautiful on you and seriously what in the hell is going on with that blue hospital gown 🤣🤣🤣

  3. What a cute bag – and for only a dollar too! Score! I’m glad you decided to keep three pieces from ThredUp; I really like all of them, but those jeans! So cute. And yeahhhh…that dress/shirt/hospital gown is not anyone’s style. haha


  4. I love the idea of a ThredUp Goodie Box… but picking stuff out online is always so hard when you don’t know what it’s going to look like IRL.

    That striped, colorful top is so YOU!

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