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Ollie at (almost) 5 1/2

I haven’t written an Ollie-centric post in quite awhile and since we’re almost halfway through his 5th year it seemed like a good time to share a bit about him these days. Five has been a lot of fun but full of plenty of challenges too. He certainly keeps us on our toes!

He is so creative. He’s starting to really get into painting and drawing and his creations are starting to be easily recognized as cars, people or animals. Earlier this week he gave me a piece of paper that he said was the directions on how to play his Lego City video game and there were definitely things on that paper that I recognized from the game. Yesterday we were going to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick up a few items for our upcoming trip to Itasca and he drew a picture of what you need to fish. It was a fish, a fishing pole, three containers of bait and a finger to go “shhhh” because you have to be quiet when you fish. He’s so dang smart.

He is stubborn as all heck though. Our battles go round and round some days. He’s getting a lot sassier as he’s gotten older and he talks back more than he used to. My favorite is “if you don’t stop complaining about my behavior, I’m going to take away the picture I gave you!” Well buddy, you don’t make the rules. If he thinks he’s right about something, there is absolutely no changing his mind. If he thinks a word is pronounced a certain way, well guess what, that’s how it’s pronounced. He has a future on the debate team I swear. He also tries to “make us a deal” which is something we’ve done with him a number of times, so now he’s starting to try and turn it back around on us. His deals are usually not accepted though so easily, ha!

He questions EVERYTHING. If you think toddlers ask a lot of questions, you have no idea. I actually just read a great essay in The Middle Matters about kids who ask a lot of questions and how it led to the author’s son being able to save his own life when he was in a risky situation, so it has made me change my tone on being annoyed by questions. He has a big mind and a zest for learning. There is nothing wrong with that.

He’s reading tons. We read together at night and usually one of us reads him a book while he has a bedtime snack and then he reads one book to us. Lately we’ve been re-reading the Mercy Watson series, so he’s been reading us a chapter of that. He still sounds words out on signs we see around town and his writing is getting super legible too. His math skills have also exploded at school this year. I really like the Montessori approach to math, they make it a game and it seems to work really well.

I am trying to cut him some slack on some of his behavioral issues as of late. I realized the other day that while I think he is more than ready for the end of the school year and has even been bored in his Montessori class lately, there is a big change looming on the horizon. We’ve talked about kindergarten and that it will be a new school and a different routine. So, while he might be kind of over being where he is, at the same time, it’s what he knows and what’s familiar so I’m sure it’s hard to let that go. I think he takes after me in that respect. I had a hard time with some transitions too, I remember being so done with college but so sad at the same time to leave that life behind. Conflicting feelings are hard to process, so I’m going to pack some patience and do my best to help him through it.

He is funny. He makes us laugh daily and I haven’t done as good of a job of keeping track of some of the hilarious things he says as I used to, but good God he is a clown. One of my favorites recently I won’t go into specifics but let’s just say he was trying to hurry his daddy along in the bathroom so we could get going somewhere and I was laughing so hard I was crying.

He still loves spending time with us best, especially Nate. They are seriously two peas in a pod and my heart just swells when I see the two of them together. They could spend hours playing Legos, working in the yard outside or playing one of his video games. I know Nate loves it just as much. He’s still Mama’s boy too. I love when he wants to take a few seconds to snuggle and curls up to me and says “you’re mine”. Always my sweetheart, always.

We still have another half a year of five to go and I expect to see more development exploding as the next few months go by. He’s turning into quite an awesome little person. And I’m loving being along for the ride.

7 thoughts on “Ollie at (almost) 5 1/2

  1. We are RIGHT. THERE. with the being so over preschool and ready for kindergarten. C’s preschool population skews younger and so I can tell she’s frustrated with the fact their lessons are covering things she already knows. She comes home at the end of the day and sits at her desk with some workbooks to “get some real work done.” M will be going to a different preschool (one part logistics, one part looking for a more enriching curriculum) so it’s sad to say goodbye to teachers. We have C’s developmental assessment at her new school on Friday so Kindergarten is starting to feel real!

  2. Oh gosh, I know how you feel about sassy kids – I have two nieces and a nephew and boy can they be exhausting! LOL They’re all super smart though too, so that’s a plus! I love that Ollie likes to read, and be read to. That’s awesome. 🙂


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