Coffee Chat 5.15.19

Happy Wednesday! I thought today would be a good day for our monthly coffee chat! This month I imagine that since it’s FINALLY nice outside, we grab our coffees and go sit outside the shop at a cute table with an umbrella. I’m sipping a nice cold brew with a little cream and listen as you tell me what’s new.

When you ask me what’s new with me I’d start by telling you about our bee class. Nate would really like to keep a beehive at our house, but before we committed to that we decided it might be best to get educated about it, so when we found a “bee camp” so to speak, we signed up. Every other week we’re meeting at a park not far from us and are getting a hands on class to learn how to manage and take care of a hive. We’ve had two classes so far and I have to admit, it’s kind of fun. It’s really fascinating to see just how complex the various parts of the hive are and how each bee knows what their job is. I didn’t even mind that some bees were landing on me, I had a full bee suit on so I felt pretty safe. And besides, honeybees don’t really sting unless they feel they are being attacked. Otherwise they are pretty zen. Anyway, I’m glad we’re doing this and hopefully next year we’ll feel ready to get our own hive. We definitely have the space in the backyard anyway!

Speaking of the backyard, Nate rearranged our garden boxes this year and brought them up closer to the house and I think it’s going to work out really well. It’s definitely easier for watering! It’s making the backyard look a little less empty after we had that tree taken down last year. We even made Ollie his own box this year and he gets so excited about the little plants coming up out of the ground. Now if we can just get him excited about eating the various veggies when they’re ready to be picked! He’s still pretty stubborn about eating certain foods.

I’m super excited, we just paid our very last invoice for Ollie’s Montessori school! Next year we won’t have that payment anymore and I’m so happy about it. Nate talked about maybe getting a new car once we didn’t have that tuition to pay, but the CR-V is in fine shape and he’s pretty used to it now, so we might end up waiting a little bit still. I think part of the problem is that he just isn’t sure what he wants to get. He has talked about getting a truck here and there but he also still likes driving a car. I guess we’ll see what happens. For now we’ll just save our money and enjoy not having an extra payment each month. Nothing wrong with that!

I’m really looking forward to summer. We have some fun things planned and after another hard winter I’m just excited for sunny and dare I even say, hot days! I’d like an excuse to go swimming or get that Unicorn sprinkler out, so bring on the heat! You can quote me on that!

Well, it appears our coffee has run dry and the beautiful day is calling, so we stand up and give each other a hug with a promise to meet again next month after I return from Itasca. I’m sure I’ll have some stories to share!

4 thoughts on “Coffee Chat 5.15.19

  1. I think Ollie will take pride in his harvest and eat it up. Well, depends on the crops. Carrots are a good one. Does he have any of those?

    I’d have a cup of Americano because I’m new to coffee and this one seems pretty delicious so far.

    Where are the donuts?

  2. Bees are fascinating but that’s very brave of you to get so up close and personal! I love that you’re growing veggies in your garden. I’d love to do that if I had the space!

  3. Oh man, I’d love to have a garden someday! For now, I just get excited that I get to benefit from my parents garden every once and awhile. 🙂

  4. A beehive at your house? I love it…. not that I’d personally want to deal with that, lol, but I think it’s great. I love seeing bees in our yard!

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