April Favorites

Hard to believe it, but April is just about over. Today I thought I’d share my favorite things from this month that I have fallen in love with. Here they are in no particular order.

Native Deodorant. My sister-in-law was the first person who told me about this natural deodorant brand. I was skeptical as I have heard many natural deodorants just do not work real well. But, she said it was working really well for her. I saw they had a travel size in the trial beauty section at Target so I said, why not? I’m hooked. It keeps me fresh smelling all day and so far pretty dry too. I’m not sure yet how it will go when it’s warmer outside and I’m sweating more, but for now I’m a fan. I’ve been using the Vanilla Coconut scent and it makes me think of Jamaica every day.

Pink’s new album, Hurts 2 B Human I love Pink. I have always enjoyed her music, but this latest album is amazing and currently on repeat on my Spotify streaming. I will admit, I checked out Taylor Swift’s new song on Friday first and was so happy I was able to stream this album to get her song out of my head. I’m sorry Swifty fans but Pink is where it’s at.

Bliss Face and Eye Masks. I’m loving all the Bliss Skin Care products from Target that I’ve tried so far, face wash, moisturizer, etc. My new favorite just might be these “Eye Got This” Holographic Foil Eye Masks. First of all, they’re fun, they have stars. Second of all, I’m finding I love eye masks, especially at the end of the day. Puffiness be gone, lol. I simply pop these on before I take a bath and the eye strain of the day just melts away. And I look cool doing it because like I said, stars.

Unicorn Store As soon as I saw a trailer last month for the movie Unicorn Store I knew I’d be streaming it the day it came out. Brie Larson wrote, directed and stars in this very sweet story about a girl who’s struggling with becoming an adult and finding her place in the world. It just made me so happy and Brie Larson and I are BFFs now even if she doesn’t know that yet.

Start Today Journal Speaking of BFFs, my other BFF Rachel Hollis recommends a type of journaling to try and help achieve your goals. She created the Start Today Journal to help you use as a guide each day. You start with five things you’re grateful for. Then you write down ten dreams you want to see come true someday but you write them down as if they’ve already happened. And then you write down the goal you’re going to achieve first to help those dreams come true. This is your journal, so it’s going to look different to you than it does to anyone else and your dreams don’t have to be ginormous by any stretch. For example, the dream/goal I’m working on right now is conquering my mornings. It’s a daily battle. But one I’m determined to win. I’m enjoying this daily practice so far.

There we go! Five favorite from the month of April! What was one of your favorite things from the month?

7 thoughts on “April Favorites

  1. I love eye masks!! I think I might have to do some tonight, because – cold and not sleeping well makes for puffy eyes. I’m LOVING my start today journal as well! I will admit it took me a while to get the hang of it, but I’m doing it now! My goal to achieve – cupcake certification!!

  2. I have a bunch of face masks that I really need to start using them. I do love them. Those eye masks are too fun. I think I need to watch Unicorn Store. It sounds really cute, and I love Brie Larson.


  3. I love the Start Today Journal! I have one too! I started doing it in my own for awhile, but bought one of hers at the end of the year last year and I’ve really been enjoying the practice. I think it helps remind me on a daily basis what I’m trying to achieve and the goals I have with my life.

  4. That Start Journal looks amazing. I love the idea of writing down a goal as if it has happened.
    Unicorn Store sounds like such a sweet movie.

  5. Lots of fun things! I’ve also heard a lot of good things about that deodorant so I need to try it, although is it bad that I’m not sure I want to give up my Dove? That journal also sounds really awesome! I’ve been trying to do more journaling lately too, although it doesn’t always come easy. This one sounds like it would be a good way to get started.

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