Be.Ful Bath Bomb Review

You’ve likely noticed lately that CBD oil infused products are all the rage. CBD is short for cannabinoid which comes from the cannabis plant – yes the same plant that produces marijuana. The difference is that the CBD compound does not contain THC and THC is the part of the cannabis plant that will get you high. It has been found that CBD has some health benefits – relaxation, reduce anxiety, relieve sore muscles and help with better sleep. CBD oils are being infused with many different products such as vitamins, essential oils, and bath bombs. Now that we have our science lesson out of the way, I’d like to talk about a CBD product I had a chance to review – Be.Ful Bath Bombs.

When the folks at Be.Ful reached out to me I was intrigued right away. They recognized that I’m a busy working mom and talked about how their mission with their bath bombs is to help working women de-stress and practice more self care. I love me a good bath. Baths are my number one way to relax. I love bath bombs. I did my research to conclude that CBD oil is indeed safe and then responded right away that I’d love to try out the bath bombs.

I was sent their four pack of bath bombs. There are four different fragrances included – eucalyptus, lavender, vanilla and peach. Each one is supposed to kind of evoke different feelings when you use them. I enjoyed each one quite a bit. They dissolve fairly quickly, but not too fast if that makes sense. I have had some bath bombs that disappear within seconds and others that are still fizzing when I’m ready to get out of the tub. The fragrances are nice and subtle, not overpowering. Nate is sensitive to smells and didn’t complain once after I used any of these. The vanilla is not a sickeningly sweet smell at all and the peach isn’t too fruity. There’s sort of a nice oil that mixes in the water after the bombs dissolve and it makes the skin nice and soft.

I don’t know that I noticed anything specific other than relaxation with these bath bombs. Relaxation is great though so I am not complaining! And I definitely slept pretty good the nights I used them. Overall I was impressed and I’d definitely give some thought to trying these in the future too.

If you’re curious and want to check them out yourself, I have a code you can use to get 10% off your order. Visit this link and then enter BETH10 at checkout. Happy relaxing!

Be.Ful provided me with the bath bombs in exchange for this post.

7 thoughts on “Be.Ful Bath Bomb Review

  1. I was just saying to J the other day I felt like having a bath because my body was so tense and it’s so weird because I’m not one to take a bath. These look nice though!

  2. Great review! Nice to know the scents aren’t too overpowering – some bath goodies can smell very strong.
    I love vanilla and it is awesome when it isn’t too sweet. The lavender must have been lovely.

  3. I never take baths, I always just do a quick shower, but if I did these sound wonderful! I’ve never tried anything with CBD but I keep seeing it everywhere!

  4. I haven’t taken a bath in such a long time—and never in this house! I have to put an end to that! I love me a good bath and bath bombs are incredible after a long day. Did you use the whole bomb in each tub? I’ve found that sometimes you can half them to get an extra use out of each, but that depends on how concentrated they are. These look amazing. I’m all for CBD anything lately!

  5. Eeep! I think my previous comment disappeared:( whomp!

    Did you use the entire bomb in your bath? I’ve noticed that sometimes you can get an extra bath out of them by cutting them in half, but that really depends on how concentrated they are. I’m all for CBD anything so will have to give these a try-the scents sound amazing!

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