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Spring is Here

Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone had a good weekend and a good Easter. We had a wonderful weekend with fantastic weather. Spring has truly arrived!

Saturday morning after swim lessons for Ollie, I took him to get a haircut while Nate boiled some eggs for us to dye later in the day. Then because it was the first 70 degree day and we’re crazy, we went down to Minnehaha Park and joined the rest of Minnesota in line to get lunch from Sea Salt. It worked out OK in the end, we grabbed McDonald’s for Ollie on the way, so I stood in the Sea Salt line while he and Nate sat at a picnic table while Ollie ate. Then Nate took over in line and Ollie and I walked around and looked at the falls and such.

We told Ollie if he was patient while Nate and I ate our Sea Salt food we could also go over to the disc golf park at Minnehaha. It was a nice warm up round for the year, only nine holes and they’re all pretty short. Felt so good to get out and throw!

After we were done playing disc golf we were right by the bee supply store that we are taking our bee camp class through and we needed to pick up bee suits to wear since our first class is next Sunday. Nate and I both got suits that fit so we pretty much are official beekeepers since we look the part now, ha! There’ll be more to come on that later!

We headed home and set about dying our Easter eggs. Ollie loved dying the eggs again like he did last year. He and Nate even got creative with some of the dye and double or even triple dipped some of the eggs. 

We made it a pretty early night since we had to get up early Easter Sunday for the 8:30 Mass. Easter Sunday was another beautiful day, although it almost looked like it wasn’t going to be. It rained on me the whole way out to church, but during Mass the sun came back out and the rest of the day was lovely. After church, Ollie had fun finding his eggs and his Easter basket. And being his little goofball self.

While Nate finished making some green beans to take over to lunch at my parents house I attempted a little Easter photo shoot with Ollie, but we were struggling a bit with the camera timer so this was the best I got. I still shared it on Instagram because I was like, hey, this is real life and sometimes this is the best we can do!

Anyway, after that we went and had a nice lunch with my parents, Ollie had a good chance to play outside for awhile and we had a nice visit. Then we went home and chilled for a bit before heading to Nate’s parents for dinner with them.

Lots of fresh air and sunshine this weekend and we all fell into bed and crashed pretty quickly each night. I hope for more of that this spring and into the summer too. It makes me so happy. How was your Easter?

5 thoughts on “Spring is Here

  1. I love that picture of you and Ollie – you know, that’s real life! It’s not all magazine photo spreads. It’s fun! I’m glad Ollie had a great time dying eggs and getting his Easter basket. It wasn’t great weather on Saturday, but actual Easter day was gorgeous so it was really nice.


  2. That sounds like a wonderful weekend! We got outside a lot over the weekend too, which was so nice. It was hard to get back to real life this week 🙂

  3. Awww these pictures are so lovely! Glad you got out to play disc golf and that you died Easter eggs with Ollie and enjoyed church and family time. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Our Passover/Easter weekend was nice! Good to see my entire family for Passover on Friday and Easter Sunday we celebrated with B’s family. We were supposed to see my parents that evening for dinner but were kind of wiped out. Too much eating that weekend!

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