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Happy Wednesday! As it is the first Wednesday of the month, I’m linking up as usual with Anne of In Residence for her Currently post. It’s a fun way to see what’s new in this corner of the world! Here are some current happenings based on this month’s prompts!

~Currently I Am~

Experiencing – Spring weather! It’s been slowly warming up and I’m loving it. I think we’re going to have an actual spring this year which is amazing!

Appreciating – A husband who loves to cook. I know I say it a lot, but I am so spoiled by how much Nate enjoys being in the kitchen! He made us a delicious pasta dish for our at home date night on Monday and I’ll be dreaming of it for days to come, it was so good.

Wishlisting – Floral kimonos. I’ll need a floral kimono or cardigan to wear to the Bloom event I’m volunteering at with Twin Cities Moms Blog, so I’m looking for one. I think it would be a nice piece to have in my closet anyway. I found this pretty teal on on ThredUp, if I order it I hope it comes in time, the event is a week from Saturday – yikes!

Posting – This month on Instagram I’m posting pictures for the Every Day Photo a Day challenge. There’s a different prompt each day. I’m hoping it gives me an opportunity to post things besides my outfits each day!

Contemplating – Our garden for the year. We’re in the process of moving our garden boxes from one side of our yard to the other now that we took a tree down in the back. As you can see, we’ve already started our seeds indoors so now we’re just waiting to get the good warm weather to move them outside!

That’s the latest from here! What’s new with you?

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9 thoughts on “Currently in April

  1. Yay for warmer weather! Our weather is still being pretty nuts. 60 one day and snow the next. It is getting kind of old! I love the teal kimono! So pretty! Also love ThredUp! I am about to go through my closets again with the upcoming move so I am hoping to clear out a bunch to get some new stuff for Summer. I need to take more photos of myself because I am on a weight loss journey for real this time and I am starting to feel the difference so it would be nice to see the progress.

  2. I LOVE that top! It’s gorgeous! I hope you get it and it comes on time! I also planted some seeds for our garden too! Yay!!! I love Spring!

  3. I need to find me someone who likes to cook!! LOL That’s great Nate loves it so much though. And ooh a floral kimono sounds lovely. I don’t have any kimonos, but I’d like to get one.


  4. Gosh, I could lend you my floral kimono – oh wait, mine has Denver Broncos logos all over it! Kidding. Here’s hoping it comes in on time.

    We’re getting crazier weather here than you are – it snowed this week!

    What’s new with me: We’re planning a Florida trip for spring break, which the girls are thrilled about!

  5. I love that your husband enjoys cooking as much as he does and that you get to enjoy the fruits of his labor!! A good meal at the end of the day—what could be better? I do most (correction: ALL) of the cooking but to his credit, B does the dishes and cleans up every night, which is nice bc I hate that part 🙂

    Awww look at your little seedlings! I really want to start gardening this year and have started a few starter packs to see what comes. I’m not sure I’m doing this right but fingers crossed we get at least a few sprouts! Also I wish you lived closer—I’d love to give you a cute floral kimono to wear to your event!

  6. My hubby also enjoys cooking (thank goodness – as with my cooking skills we’d live on takeaways).
    That photo a day challenge sounds like so much fun!
    Gardening is always such fun and a wonderful way to relax. Enjoy your spring 🙂

  7. What a pretty kimono! I hope it comes in time. That pasta does look good. I’m the one who loves to cook in our family and it makes me so happy when Aaron raves about something I made–no doubt Nate is just as happy to cook when you love it so much. Plus when I cook Aaron does the dishes and that’s the worst part to me, ha! Yay for spring too, we’ve been having nice weather here as well and it is so nice!

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