What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 3.29.19

What’s up party people? Happy Friday! It’s been a longish week, I had to do the early shift at work a few days and while those days actually go by pretty fast it can still feel long, especially having to get up so darn early each day. But I have survived and now it’s just about the weekend. I’m here today with my ladies Charlotte and Lindsay for our weekly What’s Up Weekend post where we look back at the week that was and share the things we are grateful for or that made us happy. It’s such a wonderful way to kick off the weekend! Are we ready? Let’s dance! Here’s my list for this week.

 A delicious date night at home on Monday. Nate made homemade chicken pate. Yep. I said that.

A sweet moment between my boys I snuck a picture of late Saturday morning at Starbucks.

Coffee. Because coffee. Do I need a reason? LOL

Getting outside to play last weekend because it was finally warm enough.

Marco Polo chats with my besties.

Another Ollie in the lobby of Donatelli’s picture. I promise we go other places to eat, ha!

My awesome and supportive parents who are always willing to help out with Ollie even if we need last minute child care for him.

This meme that should just be the cover photo of my entire blog.

The weekend is looking very calm and I think that’s a good thing. Both of my boys are nursing headcolds/allergies, so it will be good for them to just veg a bit. The weather isn’t going to be quite as warm as last weekend, so maybe we’ll be just staying inside playing games or watching a movie. I’m quite ok with that! Any exciting plans out there this weekend? Feel free to link up with the ladies and I below and make sure you check out the other posts as well! Have a great weekend!


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5 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 3.29.19

  1. That meme is brilliant – haha!
    Sounds like a good week you’ve had (home made chicken pate – yes please!) and such sweet pictures!
    Hope Nate and Ollie feel better soon.
    We are also having a quiet weekend – need one after a busy week!

  2. Hah! Love that meme – it’s so fitting for your blog. I hope you are having a nice, relaxing weekend. I’m dealing with allergies too – not fun, but I’ll take it as long as they don’t get worse than this. Last year they were AWFUL!!


  3. Those pictures are adorable, especially the one from Starbucks of your two men. Glad you guys are warming up enough to get outside. We are currently going through another cold snap. Hope those stop coming and Spring actually makes its appearance. Ha!

  4. LOL the coffee and wine… so true!! We have finally had nice weather too and it has been WONDERFUL to go outside!! And coffee. Yes to that.

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