What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 3.15.19

Happy Friday!! There was great rejoicing through the land! It’s been a VERY wet week with rain, melting, and sadly for some, flooding. Thankfully we do not have a wet basement, but I know others are not so lucky. Today though there is sunshine! And it’s time for the weekly happiness party I host with bloggy sisters Charlotte and Lindsay, What’s Up Weekend! This is where we reflect on the good and awesome things from the week and start our weekend off with a bang. Without further ado, my happy list from the week!

Getting a pedicure with two of my oldest and closest friends last Friday. We all really needed that time together and it was so nice.

Trying out a new barbecue joint in town called Beast. It was delicious!

Fresh baked sourdough bread

Ollie reading a book to us each night after we read to him. Love how much he’s developing!

Going with Ollie’s school on a field trip to see Owl Moon at Stages Theatre (Ollie was so cute, he said he was their number one fan)

Receiving an offer to join the Twin Cities Moms Blog Events Team. I’m super excited to volunteer my time with such an awesome community for moms. There are other exciting things around this development too, more to come!

Starting a puzzle with Nate. It’s a challenging one but it’ll be good for us…I think!

Good conversations with Nate. He’s my rock and my sounding board and I appreciate him so much.

A St. Patrick’s Day sprinkle donut from my favorite bakery, because donuts.

Seriously feeling so happy and blessed with things in my life at the moment. Smiling feels good.

And now we’re almost to the weekend! Tonight should be low key, Nate was going to have an after hours meeting but it was moved, yay! Tomorrow Mr. Ollie starts swim lessons. He wanted to take a break from tumbling and we talked about it and decided he hasn’t had swim lessons since he was 18 months old, so it’s time to get back to it. We like to spend a lot of time around water in the summer, so I think this will be a good plan. Sunday we’re going to Irish it up with some corned beef (turned into reubens if we’re being honest here) so I’m looking forward to that too! I hope you all have a great weekend! Feel free to link up with the ladies and I below and check out the other posts too!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 3.15.19

  1. What a great gratitude list, Beth! Donuts and pedicures with friends for the win! Love that you have good, honest, and deep conversations with Nate. That is so very important. Trying to have more of those in my relationship, too, and it helps to do it often so you really feel connected to your partner.

    I hope you guys have a wonderful weekday, and that you enjoy your Irish delicatessen! Xoxo

  2. Getting a pedicure is always so much fun – that nail polish is very pretty.
    Having serious conversations and knowing that you are heard is essential in relationships. It can really help one process a situation by having a sounding board (and knowing that person has your back). It turns my whole day around when my hubby encourages me to unpack something that is upsetting or concerning me and we talk it out together.
    Hope your weekend was great (I saw some lovely pics on FB) and looks like you had fun with St Patrick’s Day.

  3. Love your nails – what a fun color! It’s supposed to start warming up some this week and I cannot wait. I could use some dry, warmer weather. LOL I hope Ollie’s swim lessons are off to a good start! Mmm…that donut looks so good.


  4. What a great list. Pedicures with girlfriends sound awesome (I need to get my toes in shape for summer!) and I love that you’re doing puzzles with Ollie. So much fun.

  5. Oh fun, I’ll be curious to hear how swim lessons go! We really need to get Jona signed up for those. I love doing puzzles too! We always do a bunch over the holidays though so I get a bit “puzzled out” by the beginning of the year.

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