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Thrifty Tuesday – ThredUp Goody Box

Welcome to Thrifty Tuesday! I’m super excited for what I’m sharing with you today. I’ve talked about shopping and re-selling on the site ThredUp before. I’ve been observing the last few times I’ve popped on to the site that they’ve been advertising this thing called a Goody Box. It works a couple of different ways. You can fill out a style profile and one of their stylists will pull and send you items ala Stitch Fix. Or you can pick out your own items to try out. Right now it’s $10.00 for ten items to try out and see what you like, you get seven days to try them on and decide and then you send back what you don’t want. The $10.00 you pay up front goes toward what you purchase. I finally pulled the trigger on a box last week because I thought it would be a fun way to try some stuff before buying. I chose to pick my own items, but it would be fun to let a stylist do it sometime too. Anyway, here are my items, my thoughts and what I think I’m keeping.

Old Navy Sweater Dress Size M

Ignore my face here, I had a little trouble with timing I guess! Anyway, this is a cute dress and it fits well, but the problem is, I was expecting a sweater, not a sweater dress. It’s also fairly heavy material.  If we were at the beginning of winter I would consider it, but since I’m trying to transition to spring, I am passing on this one. Verdict: Return

Old Navy Dress Size M

This is another item that wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I thought this was a blouse. But I wasn’t that disappointed it was a dress, though I think the fit could be better. I could maybe belt it to give it some definition. I do like that it has longer sleeves, if it was cooler on Easter this would be a decent option for church. I also really like these colors. I’m very much on the fence on this one, but ultimately I think it’s going back. Verdict: Return

American Eagle Outfitters Dress Size M

This one I knew was a dress, ha! I absolutely love the pleated detail in the skirt of this one. It’s very feminine and pretty. But, I do not like how it frames my upper body. If I could have the bottom part just as a skirt, I think we’d be good. So, I think this one is sadly also going back. Verdict: Return

Loft Sweater Size M

I liked this online, it looked like it would be a cross between a blazer and a sweater. And it is. But something about the fabric makes me feel like I’m 60 and not 37 (sorry mom) and this just doesn’t work for me. Also, why does it need four pockets? Two pockets would be enough. It does look nice with this dress though. But it’s still going back. I promise not everything was a dud. Verdict: Return

Old Navy Blouse Size M and American Eagle Outfitters Leggings Size OS

Finally some winners! The leggings are a no brainer. I can never have enough black leggings. And this blouse just makes me feel joy (thanks Marie Kondo). The color is bright and cheery and the fit is good. It is a bit peasant like but it doesn’t feel like a maternity top or anything. I wore it yesterday with blue pants and a teal cardigan and it worked really well. Verdict: KEEP both.

J Crew Pullover Sweater Size M

Again, this just made me feel happy when I put it on. The color is nice and springy. It’s lightweight enough that it will transition well into warmer weather, but is warm enough for some of these cooler days. Heck, it’s pretty much perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! Verdict: Keep

J Crew Pullover Fringe Sweatshirt Size M

I put this in my cart when I saw it was on clearance and it just seemed fun and different. It’s fun and different all right…and not especially comfortable. It has a zipper in the back and the fabric overall is HEAVY. I felt like I couldn’t move. Not a winner. Verdict: Return

Coach Crossbody Bags

I didn’t get a good picture of these, but they were on top of the box when I opened it up. I wanted to get a decent crossbody bag. I am tired of carrying bags by their handles or having them slide off my shoulder. I’m also tired of big, heavy bags. I don’t need to carry as much for Ollie anymore and I just wanted something a bit more lightweight and with the option to be hands free. Both of these Coach bags were the exact same size and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted. Enter my dear friend Gina, she said she’d buy one from me if I bought both. So I’m keeping both, but she’s going to buy the lighter colored one. And then I can always borrow it from her if I want. Everyone wins! Verdict: Keep

Considering I picked all these items out myself it is kind of interesting that I’m sending quite a bit back, but I am still keeping a fair amount. Overall I loved this experience, I love that you get a full week to make your choices. The box shipped super fast. I think this would be a great kind of kick off to a new season. For example, this is kind of my winter to spring box. It would be fun to do this again in the Fall. For now I’m going to try to curb my shopping a bit, but I would definitely get a Goody Box again!

If I have perked your interest and you haven’t tried ThredUp before, there is a referral link I’d love it if you used – we both win on this one too, you get $10 and I get $10. No pressure, but I thought I’d put it out there! Follow this link if you are curious!

4 thoughts on “Thrifty Tuesday – ThredUp Goody Box

  1. I absolutely love the 2nd dress on you! It’s a peasant dress, so it’s supposed to fit fuller like it does! You should reconsider. I can see how fun this would be!

  2. I love that pretty yellow blouse you kept–great pick! Bummer about that striped dress–if only it were lighter weight material! It looks great on you but I totally get why you didn’t want to keep it. So do you get to pick what’s in your box? I thought they selected for you. I really want to try this!

  3. I hadn’t heard about the Goodie Box option on ThredUp… that might be something I’d like to try!
    For some reason, I really like the yellow top… what an awesome pop of color!

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