10 on the 10th – 10 Things You Say on Repeat Every Day

I’m linking up with The Bolin Bunch today for 10 on the 10th (or the 11th as the 10th was on a weekend this month).. Today’s theme is 10 things you say all day, every day, on repeat. It’s not something I really stop and think about much, so it’s a good one to kind of step back and see just what kinds of things do I say each day! Here we go!

(1) I love you. Probably the three most important words you can say each day, so that’s why they are first on my list. I say I love you to my boys when we leave or when we go to bed or pretty much any chance i get. I tell my parents I love them. I tell my friends I love them. You can never say it enough in my opinion.

(2) Come on kiddo, let’s go. One of many things I have to say to Ollie each day, but he usually needs a little prodding to leave the house, leave my parents, pretty go and do anything than what he’s currently doing. Five year olds I tell you.

(3) How can I help you? This is one that I say at work pretty frequently when someone calls or comes in.

(4) Have a good day! I tell this to Nate when he leaves the house, I tell Ollie this when I leave for work and I tell people this on the phone when I am done talking with them. Kindness goes a long way!

(5) What are you doing Taylor? My cat is typically getting into some kind of mischief, so this is usually something I say at least once a day!

(6) You’re my favorite. This is something Nate and I like to tell each other. Sappy and cute I know.

(7) I’m so cold. This is a pretty common statement from me at work this winter. Or at home in the basement. I’m not a cold weather girl. Nope.

(8) Did you feed the cat? We try to have Ollie help with feeding the cat, but sometimes one of us has to do it if it’s getting late, and a certain cat sometimes tries to lie and tell us she hasn’t been fed, so we have to check with each other to be sure.

(9) How was your day? We are good about checking in with each other, so Nate and I always ask this at the end of the day and we try to make sure to ask Ollie as well.

(10) Sleep good, OK? That’s the last thing I tell Ollie when I leave his room at night after I tell him I love him. I always tell him to sleep good. I also tell Nate to sleep good. I certainly don’t want anyone to sleep bad!

There are probably other phrases and words I say a lot each day, but these were the things that came to mind. What are some things you say each day?

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7 thoughts on “10 on the 10th – 10 Things You Say on Repeat Every Day

  1. I love your list! I find myself saying, “I’m freaking freezing a lot”. I feel like I’m always cold and this is my go-to saying . HA Thank you for linking up with me today! I hope you have a great day.

  2. Awwww “you’re my favorite” is the cutest ❤️❤️ ❤️ I love that you and Nate say this to each other. So sweet! I love this list and how often you tell the people around you that you love them. I don’t nearly enough and this is a nice reminder.

    I think I ask Bryan no less than 10x a week if he needs anything from CVS or target 🤣 also I frequently ask the pup what he’s up to.

  3. I definitely say “Gooooood boy, Poncho!” or “Come, Poncho” or “LEAVE IT!” haha I talk to my dog more than anyone so that should be no surprise.

  4. This one made me think about what I say on repeat too. Many of mine are the same–love yous, sleep good, come on let’s go–said in varying degrees of frustration depending on how SLOW the kids are moving in the morning. Also, “hold on, I’m talking to your dad” when I’m constantly being interrupted by a kid. Ha!

  5. Oh that was fun to read… I might have to steal this idea for a later blog post.

    I agree with you that “I love you” should be one of the things we say the most!

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