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This month the Blended Blog is asking all about relationships. That’s a great topic for the month of February, whether we’re talking romantic or friendship. They’ve got a great mix of both in their questions, so let’s dive right in!

(1) Who is your oldest friend and how did you meet? I could answer this one a couple of different ways. I consider my mom one of my best friends so I have obviously known her since birth. My husband is one of my best friends and we met officially in elementary school. My oldest friend outside of my family is my friend Cyndy, I’ve known her since we rode the same bus to kindergarten.

(2) Tell us about your circle of support. Who are your people? I’m beyond blessed to have an amazing circle. I have a loving supportive family, my husband and son, my parents, my in-laws, my sister in law, and some close friends of the family who are more like family than friends. I’ve found my friend group is smaller as I’ve gotten older, but I do have a few close girlfriends that I know always have my back if I need it and they are some of the most amazing women. Finally I have this amazing internet community from blogging. I swear some of my closest friends I’ve never even met in person – but I know they’re always there!

(3) How did you meet your partner? Long time readers are familiar with our story. As I said above, we officially met in elementary school. When we started dating in high school. we learned that we were born in the same hospital one day apart. Therefore, we pretty much met at birth, we had to have been in that nursery at the same time at some point!

(4) How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in your home? We keep it fairly low key, but we do try to get out on a nice date just the two of us, often the weekend before or after Valentine’s Day so it’s not as busy. For Ollie we usually get him a little treat of some sort. We exchange cards. On the day of Nate often makes a special meal at home for us too.

(5) What is your love language? I just took the Love Languages quiz really quick since I’ve never read the book and it told my my language is Physical Touch (get your minds out of the gutters, it’s about things like hugs and holding hands too, not just that other stuff).

(6) Do you prefer receiving flowers or chocolates? I’m going to say flowers, only because we usually have some kind of chocolate around, so flowers are kind of more a special occasion treat.

(7) What is the most meaningful gift you have ever given or received? This is tough, I’ve had many. My girlfriends made a scrapbook for me at my bachlorette party wishing me well on my wedding. Nate’s aunt made us a beautiful scrapbook of our wedding day. My cousin made a DVD of my wedding day. There’s the ring on my finger and what that represents. But I’ll go sappy here and say the gift of being Ollie’s mom and Nate’s wife is pretty much the best gift I’ve ever been given!

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5 thoughts on “TBB Asks: Relationships

  1. As you know, I really love scrapbooks as a gift, so how fun you’ve gotten a couple!! I’m not a big flower girl, but you’re right that they aren’t as common to have around!


  2. This was fun to read! I agree about gifts and would probably say the same thing about being a mom. Cheesy maybe, but true! We keep Valentine’s Day pretty low key too, although with school treats and cards it’s a lot of work!!

  3. I think a scrapbook is such a great gift. I love receiving flowers and chocolates, but I’m terrible at keeping flowers alive. I always feel so bad when they die. I took the Love Languages quiz as well and it told me that my love language is Quality Time.

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