February Goals and Mantras

It’s the first Monday of the month! It’s time to set some goals for the month and look back at how I did in January. This is a monthly link up hosted by me and my Peaceful Posse sistas Charlotte and Lindsay – if you have a goals post for the month, link up with us below!

Let’s start today by looking at how I did in January:

~Clean out my makeup drawer in the bathroom – Done! I threw some stuff away, and got it reorganized.

~Clean out the bathroom closet – Done! This was another area that I threw a bunch away and got reorganized and it’s been so nice!

~Make dentist appointments for Ollie and for me – Not done. Mom fail. I will be moving this item forward because this needs to happen.

~Schedule yearly physical for me  – Done! This is on the calendar for later in February.

~Look into ideas for taking better iPhone pictures for outfit photos – Kind of done. I downloaded a couple of apps but I haven’t done much with them yet.

~Schedule a game night with family friends – We didn’t do a game night but we did do a pizza night, so I’m giving this one a pass.

~Try out a new cleaning schedule plan – Yes! So far I’ve stuck with it and while the clutter in my house isn’t disappearing, basic things like vacumming and cleaning bathrooms are getting done once a week, so that’s good.

~Go on a family adventure day – Yes! We had a chance to do a few different adventure days actually. I’m pretty pleased with what we were able to do.

Overall I feel pretty good with what I accomplished in January! Got a lot done at home and got a chance to get out and play a bit too. Now onto my February goals.

February Goals

~Schedule the dentist appts for me and Ollie

~Clean out the front closet

~Make Valentine’s with Ollie

~Go on a Valentine date with Nate

~Organize Ollie’s toys a bit

~Treat myself to a massage

I’m keeping it a short and simple list and a mix of work and fun. The dentist appointments need to be scheduled. I hope to get some cleaning out and organizing done of a few areas at home. And I hope to celebrate love since this is the month of love.

My mantras for the month are all about love and kindness. There is still so much cynicism and hate everywhere you look it seems and it just gets so draining and tiring. I want to choose love and kindness. It leads to joy and life is just to short to be miserable!

Shine on my friends!



11 thoughts on “February Goals and Mantras

  1. Beautiful list of goals for February, berh, and love especially the focus on LOVE. Hoping to go out on more romantic dates this month and really just celebrate life. Feeling way too cooped up since January and will be nice to get out there and hopefully take advantage of some new to me restaurants and fun things to do around town.

    PS: thanks for the reminder that I also need to go see the dentist. Gulp!

  2. I am so happy to see you have some self love on your list for this month! Massages are so good for the soul! I really need to de-clutter closets and such too.. maybe a goal to sneak in somewhere this month!

  3. Well done on your January goals. Organising and decluttering always feels so good and a pizza evening is every bit as enjoyable as a games night.
    Your mantras are lovely as always and I’m glad you have a massage planned – always good to treat oneself!
    Have a great February.

  4. Yes to love and kindness! The perfect feelings to start the month. Isn’t scheduling appointments the worst? It seems like it would be easy, but I always put it off. I have one to schedule for myself right now…ugh.
    Sending all the love your way!

  5. I think you did awesome in January–you got so much done!! Especially the cleaning stuff, that is so hard to keep up with. I am terrible. I love your February goals too, have fun getting your nails done! I have a gift certificate to get a pedicure… I need to get that scheduled!

  6. You did great last month! What exactly are you looking to do with your outfit photos? I love those by the way. I have zero style and I love that you are always so put together! Im loving all the love here! Do you know where yall are going for your date yet? I am trying to figure out what we are gonna do. Wishing you all the luck in this months goals! XOXO

  7. Hey babes,
    I sincerely enjoy reading your goals posts’ because they’re not lofty but you always knock it outta the park. I have no doubt you’ll get more cleaning and organizing done. It’s SUCH a great feeling. Which reminds me, I’ve got some reorganizing to do when I move back home at the end of the month. For now, all our crap is at mum’s house.

    I love the glitter meme/mantra, too. 🙂

    Love you xoxox!

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