What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 2.1.19

Well look at that! It’s Friday and it’s a new month! January sure seemed long at times thanks to the invasion of the Polar Vortex, but it’s done now and the cold air is letting up on us a bit. And February is a month of love. So what’s not to smile about that? Continuing on the happiness wagon, it’s time for my weekly What’s Up Weekend post with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay, looking back at the good of the week and the things that make us happy. Here’s my list for the week!

Photographing a gorgeous sun dog on the way home yesterday

The hilarious things my kiddo says. I’m not as good at writing them down anymore, but trust me, he’s a riot sometimes.

Chili and grilled cheese on one of the coldest nights this week.

Ollie begging me to take his picture in the lobby at our favorite Italian restaurant where they had a Christmas display set up last month, even though it’s bare now. He’s such a blogger kid. Ha!

Nate starting my car for me on a couple of the really cold days this week

Warm scarves

And, a cat who acts like a warm scarf

And now we’re on to the weekend! It’s a bit of a busier one on tap but actually that’s ok with me after a couple of more chill weekends the past few. We have tumbling for Ollie tomorrow morning and then I sing with my choir at church tomorrow evening. We’re having pizza after church with my parents and some family friends. Sunday I’m taking my mom to shop with Megan from Eco Resale as part of her Christmas present. And then we’re doing the Super Bowl with my in-laws which will really consist of complaining about the commercials not being as good as they used to and eating too much food. It’s tradition though!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Feel free to link up with the ladies and I below and check out the other posts as well!

4 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 2.1.19

  1. I keep forgetting the super bowl is this weekend! Sounds like you have a pretty full schedule and hope you have so much fun with pizza, church, tumbling, and family! Also Ollie looks so big in this photo! I love that he’s taken an interest in blogging 😂 lol at cat scarf! Adorable. Have a great weekend, my sweet!

  2. I could have used a cat scarf this week! LOL My family loves football so the Super Bowl will be one, but I’ll probably just pay attention to the commercials and then catch up on blogging during the game. LOL


  3. Hey babes,

    What a constrast in weather this week compared to last, eh? Crazy!
    How sweet of Nate to start your car. Do you have seat warmers too? We do and holy is it ever nice, especially cold ass days.
    I love the pic of Ollie at the restaurant. 🙂
    Your kitty scarf sounds sooo nice. 🙂 And needed when it was so cold.

    Hope your week has been good babes. xoxox

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