What I Wore in January

It is January 895th and it’s finally the end of the month. This cold nasty weather has really made this month feel long! Anyway, for the last Wednesday of the month I always like to share my favorite looks from the ‘Gram, in case you maybe don’t follow me there or missed something. You’re going to see lots of layers this month!

Sweater – LOFT (From cousin), Scarf – Target, Pants – Target (gift), Boots – Ralph Lauren (from cousin), Bag – Kate Spade (thrifted)

I was on Pinterest trying to find outfit ideas for my olive pants and found a great series of looks from the Putting Me Together blog. This was one of them. I might not have thought to wear blue with the olive, but I really liked how they looked. The scarf really tied it all together too. This bag has become my go to also, I bought it at Style Encore on New Years Eve and haven’t put it down much since. It holds so much and I love it’s rich brown color. Goes with everything!

Sweater – ELLE (thrifted), Blouse – Maurices (thrifted), Pants – Old Navy, Boots – Target, Necklace – Happy Hour Boutique

These are two items I thrifted on MLK day at 50% off. I wanted to infuse some color into my wardrobe. This floral top is so nice, it’s not too bold, feminine and will work well for the remainder of winter and into spring as well. I love this soft pink sweater I paired it with too.

Sweater – LOFT (thrifted), Pants – Thrifted, Scarf and boots – Target

I have been looking for a gold sweater for most of the year. I was so happy to finally find one I liked that fit well! I have a lot of outfit ideas for this guy! I have certainly gotten a lot of mileage out of this scarf too. I picked it up in the dollar section at Target back this Fall. It was actually listed as a “girls” scarf but it fit me and it’s been a huge staple for me this year.

Dress – White House, Black Market (from cousin), Sweater – Maurices (thrifted), Leggings – Lularoe, Boots – Target

This dress was in a recent bag of goodies from my cousin. I wasn’t certain I’d love it, but I tell you, I put it on and was like, oh this hugs me just in all the right places. I love it. My next plan is to wear it with a denim jacket to dress it down a little more. But no matter, it’s comfortable and I really love the fit!

Sweater – Old Navy (thrifted), Jeans – Old Navy (thrifted), Boots – thrifted,   Scarf – made by sister-in-law, cute kid – made by me

I talked about this fox sweater in my last thrift haul post and I wore it on a Friday not long ago. I am still so excited I found this sweater! I thought it looked nice with my scarf from my sister-in-law and the boots I thrifted recently as well. And a bonus, Ollie in the mirror. I gave it a hashtag. It’s a thing.

Overall I liked my looks this month. Winter poses challenges, especially on days like today when it’s negative degrees below zero. But you can still be stylish in the winter too. Just gotta get creative! I’m also about one month in on my secondhand only shopping year and so far I feel good. In fact, my bigger challenge right now is probably to stay OUT of the thrift stores for a bit and just plain not shop for a little bit. But then again, what would be the fun in that?

5 thoughts on “What I Wore in January

  1. So many cute looks here, Beth! Love that yellow sweater and the scarf you picked up for $1 at Target. Gotta love Target, eh!? Also that fox sweater is adorable and of course I love Ollie in the mirror. Cuteness!! I have a hard time styling outfits this time of year so always appreciate the inspiration!

  2. You can’t stay out of the thrift shops right now, with everyone Kon-Maring (Mon-Karing?) their houses & getting rid of stuff – there will be lots to choose from!

  3. So many cute looks! I’m loving that dress, and wearing it with a jean jacket would look awesome too I think. That gold sweater is a great color, and you know I love the fox sweater. Adorable. 🙂


  4. Clapping hands over here for your January looks. January can be so depressing, but your outfits are all so fun and yet still look cozy and warm. The fox sweater is adorable, and I also love that first look with the olive pants. Great looks!!

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