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Candle Making Experience

One way I’m living out my word for the year, “shine”, is by trying new things. And also, what is more shiny than a brand new candle?  Nate and I are thinking of keeping bees this summer (which will be a whole blog post on it’s own) and we were talking about how we might end up with a lot of wax and trying to figure out what we would do with it. I mentioned I could always make candles. As luck would have it, my friend Heidi from Excelsior Candle Co was going to have a class on beginning candle making, so I decided to go check it out.

The class was held last night at Gathered Goods in Excelsior. It’s the cutest shop full of local MN artisans goods. Sadly, Heidi told us during the class that the strip mall that houses Gathered Goods is going to be torn down soon to make room for apartment complexes. It’s really a shame as this shop is so cute and had the perfect space to hold the class. Anyway, there were just three of us so she was able to really give us some one on one time and some great information!

The basics of making candles are really quite simple. You need wax and a way to melt it. It can pretty much be done on your own stove top, but there are plenty of instruments and tools that can make it easier. It can also be messy and you have to remember it will be VERY hot, so taking care is necessary. After the wax is melted to the right consistency, you can add your fragrance. We were each able to choose two fragrances (Heidi uses essential oil blends) to add to our candle wax. I chose Sea Salt and something called Magic in the Air. When you add your fragrance, you need to stir the wax for a good few minutes to get the fragrance mixed and blended all the way through. Then it’s time to pour the wax into your candle holder – she had cute little tins for us to use.

After the wax is poured, it’s time to add the wick. Heidi had these great metal holders that hold the wick straight while it cools. You could also use a popsicle stick to get the same effect. Then comes the waiting, you need to wait for the wax to cool before you can move it, it took at least 45 minutes for the wax to cool and harden. But then that’s it. You just need to wait 24 hours before you burn it and then you’re good to go!

Heidi shared lots of tips and tricks on where she gets her supplies, what works best and what she’s learned so far in two years of making candles. She uses soy wax and said bees wax is a little harder to work with – but not impossible. So, I figure I can practice with soy wax until we figure out if we’re getting bees and if they make enough wax for me and then I can always try out bees wax.

It was so fun chatting with Heidi, checking out the shop and learning the step by step process of making candles. It totally is something I think I can do on my own. Fortunately Heidi has other outlets to sell her products after Gathered Goods closes. I hope she can find another space like it for holding classes, because it really is a worthwhile experience!

7 thoughts on “Candle Making Experience

  1. I LOVE candles! I went to one candle making class so many years ago. We made beeswax candles too and they looked and smelled so wonderful that I was too afraid to burn them.
    I just adore that the both of you might be taking on this adventure. I’m excited to watch it all unfold here.
    Send me honey!

  2. That’s so fun! There’s a candle making bar here in Grand Rapids! You get to pick your scents and they help you make it, then you can go for a drink or dinner while it sets!

  3. Oh, what a fun experience! I loved your insta stories last night; what a great date night! Also, I didn’t know you guys were thinking of getting bees! Would love to know more about this. Thanks for sharing and glad you had such a great time!

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