What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 1.18.19

Happy Friday my friends! Another week gone by and it did so rather quickly! And this upcoming weekend is a three day weekend for me, so that’s even better! But before we get there, it’s time to look back at the week that was with my lovely ladies Charlotte and Lindsay in our What’s Up Weekend Link Up! Here is where we share the good things and things that made us happy this week! I love starting the weekend on such a positive note. Here’s my list for today!

Nate making bacon popcorn to have with our movie night last Friday.

A fun day at the Science Museum with my boys

Shopping for my book swap partner at Half Price Books and finding a super cute book for Ollie (that we’ve read just about every night)

This goofy cat thinking the trampoline is her bed

Ice cream. Even when it’s cold out, sometimes you need a treat!

Forced snuggles with my Pippin cat

Actually being caught up with the laundry for once

My budding photographer taking lots of pictures the other day.

As I said, we’re about to be into a three day weekend for Martin Luther King day. I love that I end up having some days off that match with Ollie’s school holidays. I’m not sure what he and I will end up doing yet, but we’ll find something fun. Other than that it’s going to be cold this weekend so I think we’ll be mostly hunkering down and staying indoors! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Feel free to link up with us below and check out the other posts too!

11 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 1.18.19

  1. Bacon popcorn? Okay you have to tell us more! That combines one of my favourite foods with a snack so I need more details…….
    Enjoy your 3 day weekend, an extra day on a weekend always feels like a mini break to me.
    I’m nodding along to the laundry comment. I had an empty laundry basket last night and felt super organised haha!
    Ollie looks like quite the budding photographer in that photo – so sweet.
    Have a lovely weekend Beth 🙂

  2. I didn’t know that bacon popcorn was a thing, and while I don’t eat it, it sounds totally intriguing!

    Omg your cats face in that pic is everything 🤣 lmao at forced snuggles. I used to do this to Buster all the time and he’s totally make that face, too—even though I think he secretly loved it 😊

    The science museum sounds so neat! And hope you enjoy the long weekend, my sweet. We are getting 1-2 feet of snow here so looks like we’ll be hunkering down this weekend too! Xoxo

  3. Okay, just like everyone else, I need to know what this bacon popcorn is. Mind blown….

    So does your cat just lay there or try to bounce?! Ha! This picture totally made laugh.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been here – Ollie’s getting so big. He’s just adorable 🙂

    Happy weekend!

  4. Those pictures of your cat are too cute – love the forced snuggles. And yes, even when it’s cold, I often crave ice cream!! LOL I’m not a big bacon person, but I love me some popcorn so yay for a fun variety! I hope you have a great three-day weekend. 🙂


  5. Bacon Popcorn, OMG! Thats like the best of all the worlds LOL Im so glad you get to enjoy the long weekend with Ollie 🙂 Hes so cute with his camera set up! Nurture that love for sure! My youngest love being in front of the camera and my oldest behind it. Maybe someday they will team up and work together. Ice Cream totally made my list too! So good!

  6. Ok. Now I have to try bacon popcorn! I’m also super jealous that you’re caught up on Laundry. I don’t think that’s even possible over here 😉 Have a fun 3 day weekend!

  7. Ollie’s photos must be the most darling pics ever.
    I haven’t had ice cream in such a long time (damn IBS). But I do miss it. I hope you had two gigantic bowls of it! I mean if you eat one with your eyes closed, it doesn’t count! xo

  8. Bacon popcorn? Mmh…. that sounds… interesting 😉

    What is that thing at the Science Museum?

    I hope you guys had a great long weekend.

  9. Oh my goodness the look on your cat’s face, that is so funny! I love that Ollie is a budding photographer too, that is awesome!! And yes to ice cream treats!

  10. Hey girl!
    How nice that you had a three day long weekend. And perfect because Monday was bloody freezing!
    Your little photographer is adorable, Beth. I see photography being something he enjoys as he grows up. 🙂
    Um bacon popcorn is a thing?! Sounds delish. 🙂
    Love you momma xoxo

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