Humpday Confessions

Humpday Confessions 1.16.19

What say we hop into the confessional for the first time in 2019? You know you love them, it’s the return of Humpday Confessions! Let’s dish, shall we?

I Confess….

~That I am not at all sad that Ollie has been more interested in Charlie Brown and even Thomas and Friends than Paw Patrol lately. Nothing against Ryder and the pups, but I no longer sing the theme song in my head at night so there’s something to be said for that.

~That I just let go of a huge responsibility that I was not enjoying any longer and it feels so good.

~That I am torn between wanting to watch the Marie Kondo Netflix show and getting my home more organized or just going to the thrift store to see what everyone else is donating after watching her show.

~That I tried some dairy free ice cream with my sister-in-law and I like it as much (or even better than some) as dairy ice cream.

~That Christmas already feels like it was a million years ago instead of just a couple of weeks ago.

~That we’ve been choosing various music to listen to when working out at night and for my turn last night I chose 90s Techno and I still knew the words to a ton of the songs.

~That I spilled red wine on one of my new favorite shirts the other day but we got the stain out and believe it or not you’d think cold water is the trick but it’s actually boiling hot water. Trust me. The stain is gone.

~That I’ve been slowly breaking up with my uncomfortable bras and that the replacements I’ve been buying at Target have actually been more comfortable than my old VS ones.

~That Nate and I have started an afternoon coffee habit on the weekends in addition to our morning coffee. And it’s not causing me to be wide awake at night. All the caffeine, weee!

~That I’m writing this last one simply to have ten items on my list. Hahaha! Keeping it real friends. I like even numbers, what can I say?

Got anything you want to get off your chest? Hit me in the comments.  I’ll be in the corner saying my Hail Mary’s.



7 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions 1.16.19

  1. Boiling water for red wine? I’ll have to remember that, thanks for the tip! I broke up with VS bras a few years ago and switched to Maidenform and love them- so much more comfortable! I confess that I broke my favorite wine glass a week ago and I’m still really upset about it. I can’t find a replacement anywhere! So happy to hear that you let it go, whatever it was. That’s my word(s) of the year!

  2. Boiling water for a red wine stain? Thank you for the tip! I’m always spilling things – tea, wine, you name it!
    Totally agree – Christmas feels so far away! I cannot believe it was less than a month ago.
    Good for you letting something go – not easy but well worth it.

  3. Oh my gosh, I’ve totally been breaking up with my bras (and underwear) lately! I had a mishap with the (broken) dryer when I first moved into my place and have so much underwear with holes now, bras and sportsbras that were shredded, as well as socks and other clothes. I’m finally coming to terms to just get rid of that stuff because it drives me nuts and doesn’t make me feel good. I’ve been hearing good things about Aerie bras so that may be where I check out next!

  4. Ha ha! Too funny about number 10. I miss 90’s techno music! I’m going to have to listen to some now. I bet it’s great for working out. I haven’t jumped on the Marie Kondo bandwagon yet, but I do need to keep cleaning out my closet. I’m trying to say no to any and all shopping. So sick of laundry!

  5. I agree, doesn’t it feel like Christmas was like … last year? LOL (kidding aside, it really feels much longer than just 4 weeks).

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