What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 1.11.19

Happy Friday friends! This was my first full week back since before the holidays and man it was a long one at times. But we have made it to the best day of the week! And this weekend is like the Unicorn of weekends because besides Ollie’s tumbling class we have ZERO plans. None. Zilch. This introvert is needing a weekend like this! Before we get there though, it’s time to look back at the week that was with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay in our What’s Up Weekend link up! Here is where we share the good of the week, the things that made us happy or we are grateful for. Without further ado, here is my list for this week!

Delicious dinner out with Nate’s office for their holiday party last Friday. We had a great time and even shut the place down. I really enjoy his co-workers and their spouses, they’re a good bunch.

Watching the Charlie Brown and Snoopy show at night with Ollie. It’s been such a wonderful reprieve from Paw Patrol.

My snuggly kitty cat. She loves winter because of all the blankets we cuddle up with.

Being able to go without a jacket last weekend. Yes I needed a vest over my sweatshirt, but man it was nice to have less layers!

An awesome belated Christmas present from Nate’s aunt and uncle – the softest cutest Unicorn blanket. Taylor loves it also, see snuggly cat above.

My sweet boys being cute at bedtime the other night. And no, Ollie doesn’t have glasses, he was trying on an old pair of Nate’s.

And now we’re off to the weekend! As I said, I could not be happier to have no plans. The holidays are wonderful, but they’re busy and hectic and so it’s nice to have some time where we can just take things as they come. Sometimes we need some time to just be the three of us. Maybe we won’t do anything more than just hang out at home and play and watch movies and read books. Or maybe we’ll go adventuring together. The weekend is our oyster, so we’ll see what comes! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Feel free to link up with us below and be sure to check out the other posts!

7 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 1.11.19

  1. Belated Christmas presents! WHOOT!
    We had a warm spell too but not warm enough to go without coats. This weather has been incredibly weird. We are back to thick winter coats and all the things. We even have a bit of snow.
    We need a unicorn weekend. It’s been hockey hockey hockey and while I love that Chase has become the wild extrovert and inviting kids over, I need to rest LOL. We have a friend coming over this weekend I believe. IT’s all good. Keeps him off that damn Fortnite.
    ENjoy your weekend kids xoxo

  2. So nice to hear what’s going on in your life, even when it’s nothing. Nothing was my plan for this weekend, too, and I accomplished it. After the hubbub of the holidays, nothing is nice!

  3. Cuddly animals are the best. My dog LOVES blankets. She’s currently chilling on her blanket on the couch, fast asleep. lol Aw, Ollie looks cute in glasses – even if they aren’t actually his!! I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was a bit busier than I thought it was going to be, but not terrible!


  4. Aww, I hope you had a great cozy and lazy weekend 🙂 Those are the best… and hey, you were prepared with a unicorn blankets and your two guys!

  5. Weekends with no plans are sometimes the best! And yay for a warm-up too. We had pretty nice weather at the start of the month, but it’s back to cold and snowy around here. Boo.

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