10 on the 10th – Ten Facts About Me

I’m joining up with Jen from The Bolin Bunch for 10 on the 10th this year. Jen is the new host of this monthly link up taking over from Simple Purposeful Living. Anyway, this month’s theme is ten facts about ourselves. I’m a pretty open book and have shared facts about myself before, but I think it’s always fun to share again. And hey, maybe you missed it the last time I shared facts about me. So, here are ten facts about yours truly!

(1) I married my high school sweetheart and we’ve been a couple nearly 21 years. And we were born a day apart in the same hospital. We’re that couple that pretty much makes you want to gag with how cute we are.

(2) I delivered Ollie in the water with no pain medication. I don’t mean to brag, but it was an amazing experience. My labor was short though, so I think that helped. If it had gone on much longer I think I’d have been asking for some relief at some point!

(3) I’ve been out of the country only three times – the Bahamas, Canada and Jamaica.

(4) My first pets of the non-furry variety were two fish named Fred and Ginger. My first pet of the furry variety was a sweet cat named Cleo. She passed away in 2012 and I still think of her daily.

(5) My first “grown up” job post college was as a youth minister for the church I grew up in. I was ill prepared to deal with pre-teens and teenagers though! It was a blessing in disguise after only two years there that they cut my hours to part time with no benefits due to budget cuts. It was a good excuse to find a different job.

(6) Singing is my number one musical love and my voice is my instrument, but I played the flute for nine years between middle school, high school and college. I attempted to learn both piano and guitar at various points but was not quite as successful with those.

(7) My favorite colors have evolved as I’ve gotten older. They used to be pink and purple. Now they’re more orange and coral, with a touch of pink here and there. Although I found a great shirt at Style Encore that says “Glitter is my favorite color” and I feel that is true. I love me some sparkle!

(8) My parents remodeled the house I grew up in when I was in second grade and we lived there through the construction. This gives me so many ideas and potential for the house I live in now.

(9) This blog started as a fashion/outfit of the day blog but evolved into a lifestyle blog once Ollie was born. I still love sharing fashion and outfits from time to time here and do so daily on my Instagram (hint, follow me there, hint).

(10) I have one rib that sticks out differently than the others. There is nothing wrong with it, that’s just how it is. My dad has it too and so does Ollie.

There you go. I tried to slip a few different ones in for my long time readers so maybe you all learned something new!

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9 thoughts on “10 on the 10th – Ten Facts About Me

  1. My colors changed too! I was definitely pink/purple when I was younger, but it changed to turquoise when I was a pre-teen. I remember because all of a sudden everything had to be in that color! I also tried to learn piano when I was younger, but the instructor told me I couldn’t play because my fingers were too short! Of course now I have long, slender fingers lol! Love these fun facts about you!

  2. I love these type of posts. I did one in the Fall and I said I’d write full blog posts about some of the facts, so that’s a goal for early 2019. That’s interesting about the rib that sticks out, and that it’s obviously genetic!! 🙂


  3. I definitely learned something new – you gave birth to Oliver in the water?!?? That’s SO cool. If I ever decided to have a baby, that’s definitely be the route I’d choose. Looks like such a positive, more enjoyable experience. 🙂

  4. This was fun to read Beth! I should have made you sing when I was in MN, ha! 🙂 Wow I had no idea you were a youth minister too, that would be such a hard job. I admire you for even trying it. And I’m definitely impressed by your birth story–that’s no small thing!

  5. I love that you had two fish named fred and ginger. Chase had a fish named hot dog and he ate every single fish we put in there. He was a friggen cannibal.
    You played the flute? I played the clarinet! I wasn’t very good at it though. I was mostly grossed out with that spit valve thing. OMG so grossed out. And I just never continued. That is a true fact.
    Two ribs that stick out eh? Oh the things you could do at parties…just kidding! Just kidding!

  6. That is so interesting about your rib! And the fact your dad and Ollie have the same thing.
    I also used to love pink but the last few years I’ve started preferring navy.

  7. Thank you so much for linking up with me today. I loved learning about you more. I think it’s so cool you gave birth to Oliver in the water?!?! WOW! My color has always been purple, but I could see where it would change after years. My husband and I are high school sweethearts too. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Aww I loved learning these things about you, Beth! That’s so neat about the rib and that your dad/Ollie have the same! Also I didn’t know you and your hubby were born a day apart in the same hospital. I LOVE that so much!! Also consider me super impressed that you birthed Ollie in the water! I’ve always wanted to do this but was told I’d need a c-section bc of an eye condition (and I guess since they just sliced me open lol). Hope you have a great weekend, love.

  9. I always love to learn random new facts about my friends 🙂
    Oh wow, you birthed Ollie in water? That must have been an amazing experience….

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