January Goals/Mantras and TBB Asks

It’s that time again where I look at the goals from the previous month and set new ones for the coming month! I’m also going to do the TBB Asks link up today too, so it’s all happening! First things first, let’s look at my December goals and how I did.

December Goals

See lots of Christmas light displays – Didn’t get to as many as I’d hoped, so this one doesn’t get a pass. There’s always next year!

Bake Christmas Cookies – Done! We made lots of good treats this year!

Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas with Ollie – Done and then some. We probably viewed it about five times before the season was over! I have zero complaints though.

Go on a holiday date with Nate – Yes! We went and had dinner at Pajarito in St. Paul and discovered a fun new arcade over there as well!

Finish Christmas shopping -Yes! We finished with time to spare even!

Wrap presents– Yes we did, not my favorite part of the holiday but I finished it!

Get back on track with reading Yes! I finished two books in December and I finished another one last night. My reading mojo is back.

I feel pretty good about my December goals. I only missed one thing and it honestly was more of a time issue than anything else. Looking ahead to January my goals are going to be all about getting organized at home and cleaned up from the holidays!

January Goals

~Clean out my makeup drawer in the bathroom

~Clean out the bathroom closet

~Make dentist appointments for Ollie and for me

~Schedule yearly physical for me

~Look into ideas for taking better iPhone pictures for outfit photos

~Schedule a game night with family friends

~Try out a new cleaning schedule plan

~Go on a family adventure day

There we go. Nothing too crazy, a lot of focus on cleaning as you can see. I found a really neat daily cleaning schedule that I’m going to try implementing this year to try to keep on track of things at home more. So while it’s not a “mantra” I’m still sharing the image.

My other mantra is kind of a joke I found, but it’s still funny to me. I tend to hibernate a lot in the winter and prefer to stay in and read or watch movies and binge watch shows and I’ve decided I’m not going to feel guilty about it! So, here’s my mantra for the month.

That’s right. JOMO people. I’m not going to feel guilty about being a hermit! Ha! And this segues well into the topic for The Blended Blog Asks! This month is all about entertainment!

(1) Book you have read multiple times: Summer Sisters by Judy Blume, The Gift by Danielle Steel, My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult.

(2) Favorite Book/Author of all time? Favorite book of all time is definitely Summer Sisters. I’m not sure if I have a number one favorite author at this point. Too many good ones out there!

(3) Favorite TV show to binge? Friends, Parks and Rec, The Office, Corner Gas, Always Sunny

(4) Favorite new-ish TV show? Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

(5) Favorite movie of all time? I can’t pick one! Punch Drunk Love, anything by Wes Anderson, The Muppet Movie, Forrest Gump, Empire Records, Dirty Dancing, Finding Nemo, Lost in Translation, I could keep going but we’d be here all day.

(6) Movie you are looking forward to watching? Mary Poppins Returns, Toy Story 4, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, The Lion King

(7) First Concert you attended? Sharon, Lois and Braham of Nickelodeon’s The Elephant Show as a kid. Amy Grant when I was a pre-teen.

(8) Ultimate Concert? I’d love to see Josh Groban and Sarah McLachlan do a concert together.

(9) Favorite Music Artist/Band? Josh Groban, Of Monsters and Men, Goo Goo Dolls, Brandi Carlile, Neko Case

(10) How do you listen (streaming, CDs, vinyl)? I do a combination of streaming and CDs.

Onward to hibernating and reading and cleaning and all those things that winter makes us want to do! If you have monthly goal posts you’d like to share with our Peaceful Posse link up, feel free to add them below!

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6 thoughts on “January Goals/Mantras and TBB Asks

  1. JOMO! I love it. I do plan to get out a lot in the Winter just with regular activities and then a few fun things planned, but at the same time, I like just staying home sometime and reading or watching something fun. Nothing wrong with that! Good luck with all of your January goals. I still need to share my yearly and monthly goals – this week or next!

    I loved this month’s TBB Asks. I’m all about the entertainment. 🙂 And Mary Poppins Returns is so good!


  2. Imma be preacher Kim here – a yearly physical MUST be on the top of your list.
    TRUST ME who just had a biopsy down yonder.
    I have no idea what is growing in my make-up drawer. I’m serious. I know you’re supposed to clean the brushes but can’t you just blow on them and *poof* good to go? No? Damn it. I’m doing it all wrong.
    PSt. If you throw a blanket over the laundry pile, it disappears. Magic.

  3. I think JOMO is my new favorite word! I just love hibernating, especially in winter! I’m pinning that cleaning schedule and hoping to work it in to my daily life this week- thanks for sharing! The Elephant Show! No one ever remembers when I mention that one! “Skinny-ma-rink-y-dink-y-dink…” hahaha! Also, i started Summer Sisters last summer, but I couldn’t get into it (I think it was a timing issue), but I still have it and want to read it especially since Judy Blume is from NJ. Good luck with your January goals!

  4. I tend toward being a homebody and am definitely an introvert, so JOMO is definitely a thing in my life. 🙂 You did great with your December goals, good luck this month too! I really need to get on that yearly physical too… yikes. I loved reading your TBB list too, those questions are always so fun!

  5. JOMO is my jam! I tend to hibernate when it gets cold out. Im just not built for cold weather. Sunshine and warmth and Im good to go! I love that cleaning schedule. Making my bed is on my list too! I think I will just sit down one day and schedule all our appointments for the year. And then insist I don’t back out of mine. LOL . Im awful about that! But its gotta get done right. I love your outfit photos. My only suggestion would be to find the light. Good natural lighting from a window or door makes such a big difference! Cheers to an awesome January!!

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