What’s Up Weekend 1.4.19

Heyyyy! It’s the first What’s Up Weekend post of 2019! It was another short week for me and I tell you, I could get used to these abbreviated work weeks! Anyway, I’m here as usual with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay in our What’s Up Weekend post where we look back at the good and happy things from the week that was to kick off the weekend to come! Here’s what made me smile this week!

Four days with no alarm set

Taking Ollie to another movie in the theatre (Spiderman)

Ringing in the New Year with some family and some dear family friends

Finally replacing our crockpot with a newer one

Donuts with my favorite little man

Scoring some amazing deals on some fun goodies at Style Encore

Finding some great books at the library

Making some new thrift-minded connections on Instagram

The butt warmers in my car (it’s been chilly in the morning lately!)

And now we’re off into the weekend! I’m off of work today (told you it was a SHORT) week to take Ollie to his yearly physical and then later in the day getting myself dolled up for Nate’s office holiday party. His boss always treats the employees and their spouses/significant others to a nice dinner out so I’m looking forward to that! The rest of the weekend I think will be spent taking down Christmas. I’ve drug my feet long enough on this and the garbage folks will take away our tree next week if we put it out on the curb. I’ve weaned myself off of turning on the lights so I think the transition will be OK, haha. And besides, it’ll give me some space back in the living room. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! Any grand plans out there? Feel free to link up with us below and visit the other posts as well!

8 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 1.4.19

  1. Short work weeks are the best!
    We took our tree down on Monday. I loved having it up and how festive it made our home feel 🙂 That is so sweet that you are weaning yourself off by turning off the lights!
    That bag and the tops you got look lovely! I think I saw the glitter one on FB? Goes perfectly with your Word for 2019!

  2. I have to take down Christmas today too and it hurts my heart. I’m not ready!!! Aww, so glad to hear you had a nice NYE with family and friends and yay for new crockpots and thrift hauls. Uhm that Kate Spade bag is adorable!!

    Hope you have the best weekend ever, my sweet friend!

  3. I remember when we got my current vehicle my husband was all, “it has seat warmers!” and my first thought only losers need that.

    Until I turned them on and I’m officially a loser who needs it. It’s amazing. I also have AC seats and that’s kind of weird. I don’t like cold air blowing on my butt, it’s not an OK feeling. HA!

  4. I always love seeing your thrift finds and outfits on IG. Have fun at your husband’s work party! I was supposed to go to my husband’s too, but the boys got sick and I’m not feeling so great either. Here’s to better health next week! Happy New Year!

  5. I love short weeks… but I am totally thrown off right now because of the stupid Government shutdown. I thought it would be fun to have some unexpected time off, but nope, I am totally a creature of routine and habit and this has totally gotten me off track… I want to go back to work!

  6. Um, but seriously, does it get baby better than not having to set your alarm and listening to that bloody thin scream at you?! And donuts. I love me some donuts and that’s always gonna be on my happy list too!
    I hope you guys had a nice time out with Nate’s company for dinner. 🙂

    Love you!

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