What I Wore December

I usually do my monthly favorite outfits on Wednesdays, but it’s a weird week, so you get it on Thursday this month! Here’s a look at some of my favorite outfits of the month.

Dress – White House, Black Market (from cousin), Jacket – Old Navy (thrifted), Leggings – Lularoe, Boots – Target

This was my look for the day of our work holiday party, since I was singing with the “band” I thought it would be fun to dress up a little bit. I was able to keep it on the casual side with my jean jacket though. I got a lot of compliments, I really love this look. I think I might wear this dress to Nate’s holiday party next week.

                     Sweater – Old Navy (thrifted), Flannel – thrifted via Eco Resale, Pants – Universal Threads (Target),                         Boots – Target, Purse – Coach (thrifted via Rewind)

Jumpsuit – Express (thrifted), Jacket – Old Navy (thrifted), Necklace – gift, Boots – Target

I’ve been eyeballing jumpsuits and rompers since they kind of came back into fashion earlier this year. I had been resisting because of the whole, well how do you pee in one of these? But I was still curious. I was at the Goodwill last week and saw this sitting on a rack with dresses and thought, hmm, this looks comfy but I just don’t know. Could I style it well enough? Then I heard the voice of Megan from Eco Resale in my head and thought, what the heck, I’m going to try it. Megan would. Best decision ever. This is the comfiest piece of clothing I now own. And stylish enough for a day at the office! As for when it’s time to go to the bathroom, well, yeah, you gotta pull most of it off, but it was a small price to pay for the comfortableness after all the holiday eating I’d done!

Sweater – LOFT (thrifted), Pants – Old Navy, Scarf and boots – Target

Super simple look from last week but still one that I really like. I bought this sweater the same day I bought the jumpsuit. I love the white detail it has on the sides. Gives it a bit of a slimming feel! Sometimes the most simple looks at the best ones!

Sweater – Old Navy, Scarf – made by sister in law, Pants – Simply Vera (thrifted), Boots – Target

And here is today’s look. I had to add some color to this post! But also I had to show off the beautiful scarf my sister-in-law made me for Christmas. The colors in it are perfection. And it’s so warm on a yucky damp day outside. What is awesome about this scarf is that it could also be worn more as a shawl too. I can already tell this will be a staple in my closet!

I can feel my style tastes have shifted as I’ve said, so as I go into 2019 I think I’ll be continuing to experiment and find what works. I’ll be continuing to challenge myself to find things secondhand first or local before going to the big box stores. And I plan to keep having fun with it. I love clothes and I’m not ashamed!

3 thoughts on “What I Wore December

  1. That jumpsuit is so cute! Yeah, going to the bathroom is a bit odd, but they are so comfy, aren’t they? I really need to find one. I have a romper for the warmer months though and I LOVE it.


  2. That has been my main hang-up with rompers/jumpsuits too. But I LOVE that one on you so I’m totally reconsidering. I love that dress you got too!

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