Birthday Wishes 2018

Things are settling down at my office with the move and everything. And it’s amazing how fast time is flying by this month. My birthday is in 12 days. Crazy town. I always like to share a wishlist because it’s fun darn it. Here are some things I’m coveting this year.

I’ll Be There For You – The One About Friends by Kelsey Miller. Friends has been my number one favorite TV show of all time for years. In fact it’s about time for my annual viewing of the Thanksgiving episodes (some of the best in my opinion). Anyway, this is a book written by a superfan for superfans and it digs deep from what I’ve heard. As a huge Friends fan, this just needs to be on my shelf.

Minnesota Sweatshirt from IceCreaMNLove Apparel on Etsy. She’s a local gal who has had her items for sale in some local boutiques such as Wild Ruffle, and she has the cutest graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts. I love the simplicity of this Minnesota sweatshirt!

May Contain Alcohol t-shirt also from IcecreaMNLove Apparel – I just find this shirt hilarious. I’m a wine and beer girl, we all know this. This blog is called Coffee Until Cocktails after all!


The Official Bob Ross Coloring Book – a friend and I are kind of obsessed with Bob Ross right now and have been watching old episodes after we have our viewing sessions of A Million Little Things each week (if you’re not watching that show PS, ignore the reviews, it’s fantastic) and when I saw this coloring book at Target a few weeks ago I knew it was going on my wish list.

Sally Hansen Gel Polish System – Another item I saw at Target recently. I am obsessed with nails and making them pretty and I love going for gel manicures, but my wallet isn’t as much of a fan. To be able to do gel nails at home and set them with this heat lamp would be pretty awesome I have to say.

Universal Threads Olive Colored Pants from Target – Heavy on the Target stuff I know, but let’s be real, it’s my second home. Anyway, I used to have a pair of olive colored pants I loved, but they didn’t fit anymore so I sent them to Goodwill. I’m missing them a ton. I have a regular pair of Universal Thread jeans that I’m in love with, so I think a pair o their olive ones would be perfect and a great addition to my closet.

A Star Is Born Soundtrack – Yes I still buy CDs. I have a CD player in my car. And I’d love to blast this while I’m driving because the soundtrack is AMAZING. The movie is amazing too obviously, but the soundtrack. Yep. Need.

And I am adding two big ticket items that are more “dream” items or maybe if I get some gift cards to say Target, Williams Sonoma or Amazon I’ll purchase these.

Garmin Vivomove in Rose Gold – I love that this is a smart watch and fitness tracker but it looks more like a regular watch. I would be more likely to keep wearing it if I had one like this. So we’ll see!

A Nespresso Coffee System – Damn you George Clooney for making me want one! Ok kidding, actually I tried a cup of coffee at Williams Sonoma last spring and it was some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. So I’d love to have one of these at some point!

So there we go! My wishes are pretty simple all things considered. Honestly I’ll be happy to just spend some time with my favorite boys and my family and maybe some cake and a glass of wine. But it’s fun to wish on the Birthday Fairy a little bit! Or Santa since Christmas comes next!

8 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes 2018

  1. I love making wish lists for birthdays and Christmas, even if most of the items are book related. LOL I definitely want the A Star is Born soundtrack. I love CDs still too, and that movie is wonderful. I’m glad you’re loving A Million Little Things too – LOVE that show.


  2. Awww these are all such great gifts! I would love to try the nespresso machine, too. We actually just bought a ninja coffee station, and let me just say, it is amazing. I can’t believe we were drinking gross coffee for so long! anyway, that fitness tracker is adorable and lovvvve the Bob Ross coloring book. Back in elementary school, my friends grandma (who was named Marge Simpson, beliebe it or not), used to send him a check for $5 each month to get a haircut Lolol. It’s such a ridiculous story, but it’s a favorite. Anyway, sending all my love and a box of donuts. Xo

  3. Such lovely gifts!
    The alcohol t-shirt is so cool.
    I love gel manicures and agree they aren’t cheap! I just find they last so long 🙂
    That Garmin watch is stunning. Hubby bought me the Vivoactive 3 last year and I love it. Best fitness tracker I’ve ever had.

  4. I love writing wish lists… it’s fun to pick out things for yourself! The Garmin watch is sooo pretty! I love my Garmin Forerunner, but yeah, it definitely looks more like a running watch than a regular watch.

    I think I have to check for those pants at Target! Target has too much cute stuff!

  5. Ooh these are all so fun! I love the state pride sweatshirt and the alcohol tee. Too funny. I love the olive pants too. I just ordered a similar, but darker, pair from Old Navy, but if those don’t work out Target will be my next stop. It’s pretty much my second home too 🙂

  6. I had to LOL at this:
    “I am obsessed with nails and making them pretty and I love going for gel manicures…”

    Because I think that is pretty high on my list of “things I would never say”. 🙂 I *wish* I cared more, though! Hope your birthday is all things wonderful…as I think it’s today! (Catching up on blogs, sorry!)

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