What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 11.9.18

Well here we are at Friday! It’s been a crazy week, not going to lie. Today is the last day in my current location at work, next Tuesday our new building opens and we’ll be working from there. So it’s been a week full of packing and organizing and today we’ll be cleaning once the movers come to take stuff. Tonight I will be looking forward to a much needed beer I think! Anyway, while the week was crazy, there was good. There is always good to be found! So I’m sharing my happy list of the week along with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay. We’ll just jump right into it!

Some awesome thrifted finds at the Eco Resale/Wardrobe Refinery Pop Up. Hello Beautiful Kate Spade bag!

Coffee. I’ve needed it in spades this week.

My wonderful and supportive husband taking the brunt of everything at home so I can be focused at work.

Laughing with my friend at Bob Ross over a glass of wine. Best stress reliever ever.

More of our amazing family pictures. They keep me smiling.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this…but snow. It’s actually kind of pretty and Ollie got excited to see it.

Listening to one Christmas album on one of the snowy afternoons. I don’t know who I am anymore, lol.

The Josh Groban and Idina Menzel concert with my mom last Friday. OH EM GEE. It was amazing.

And now I’m off to the craziness of the day and hopefully at least some relaxing this weekend. I see a movie night in my near future to kick of the weekend, perfect on a snowy day, am I right?

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5 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 11.9.18

  1. I can’t beliebe you have snow already but then again, o I can’t believe its already November! Lol, so crazy this year, eh?

    I’m glad to hear you have so many things to smile about in a week that sounds pretty stressful overall. Best of luck with your work move, and please let us know how it goes. Also your family photos are so incredibly adorable ❤️ And yay for movies and Christmas music and Josh and Idina ❤️ Hugs!!!

  2. That photo is stunning! You all look like you are having so much fun.
    All the best for your move – it is amazing how much work goes into moving. Hope you are settled in your new office soon.
    I am counting down the days until I can unpack the Christmas CD’s. My Mom always had the tradition of starting the decorating on the 1st December and so I’ve just gone with it but maybe I can sneak out my Boney M Christmas CD a few days early………..
    Glad you enjoyed the concert with your Mom last week – it must have been amazing.

  3. Seeing Idina would be awesome – I got to see her once in concert years ago (before Frozen came out at least) and it was amazing. I’m loving your family photos too. This one is just adorable!!
    I had flurries yesterday, but I think it’s supposed to snow a bit more Tuesday. We’ll see what happens. I don’t mind snow too much, but I kind of hate that Fall might really be ending. I can wait for Winter to come. LOL


  4. That bag is really cute. I’m so glad that you had a great time at the concert. I have been listening to Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies since November 1st lol. ‘Tis the season!

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