Currently and Sweet Progress Blog Swap Reveal

It’s once again the first Wednesday of the month which means it’s time for the Currently link up with Anne of In Residence. Today’s Currently is double special as I’m also sharing my goodies from the Sweet Progress Blog Swap! Here are the current happenings and then I’ll reveal my swap fun.

~Currently I am~

Posting – All the family pictures. We had photos taken by my sister-in-law’s boyfriend and decided to include both sets of our parents this year too. The pictures are amazing. I cannot get enough of them.

Getting – Ready to move at work. Friday is the last day in our current location. Tuesday will will be up and running at the new site. It’s getting very real.

Cooking – Well I’m not cooking much as it’s Nate who does most of that, but he made us some amazing chilaquiles (I think I’m spelling that wrong!) for brunch this last Sunday! We’re going to enjoy the leftovers tonight.

Researching – Various cardio and core strength training activities. Now that we’re on the workout train we’re going full speed ahead.

And finally, appreciating – my awesome Sweet Progress Blog Swap with Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants! I was so excited to be paired with Lowanda this time, we have been getting to know each other on Instagram this year and she is seriously one of the nicest people I’ve met. She has such a big heart and the “sunshine” part of her blog name seriously fits her so well. Here is what she sent me!

She sent some delicious sounding Maple coffee and I love that it’s called “Give Thanks”, perfect for November! She also sent some Ghiradellli hot chocolate – YUM. I love the color of this Zoya nail polish. I’ve eaten almost all the Kit Kats she included, my favorite candy! The caramel pumpkin candle smells amazing and finally she sent a beautiful scarf and glove set that it’s pretty much cold enough to wear now! Also she was so sweet and sent a little something for Ollie too, a copy of The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown as a book. It’s not pictured though because we read it right away and then he stashed it somewhere! He absolutely loved it though and it was so thoughtful of Lowanda to include something for him! I can’t thank her enough!

And that’s the latest from here. Just trying to go one day at a time until this move is done and then I can relax and start to enjoy the upcoming holiday season. What’s currently happening your world?

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9 thoughts on “Currently and Sweet Progress Blog Swap Reveal

  1. Aw, Lowanda is awesome, isn’t she? I love all goodies she sent and how sweet she included something for Ollie! I hope that the work move goes well and I’m sure it will be nice to be settled in the new location and not have to worry about that anymore.


  2. Oh damn, I totally missed out on the Sweet Progress Blog Swap this year… I am so behind on blog reading sometimes. That looks like a really sweet package that you received. 🙂

    I hope the move at work goes smoothly. I am sure you must be relieved when it’s finally over. It’s always stressful.

  3. Aww, what a great family photo! We didn’t schedule any this year, and I might be regretting it…though we do have Hendrik’s hilariously cute school photos at least. Good luck with the work move!

  4. Aww I love the stuff you got and that maple coffee sounds so good!! I’ve never made chilaquiles before but that sounds so good! Good luck with the office move too!

  5. Okay, first of all, your family pictures!! I feel kind of special because I got a behind the scenes look. (Don’t get too jealous people, IG! Follow Beth.) 🙂

    Alright, swap time!! Lowanda is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. I absolutely adore her, my kids even ask about her from time-to-time despite never meeting her (Miss Lowanda is bae– are the kids still saying that?) Anyway, I have actually met Lowanda in real life. Cool, right?

    I LOVE EVERY SINGLE THING SHE SENT!! What an amazing box, she should be a subscription box curator. That would be an awesome job, I want that job.
    Thanks for joining us again, Beth!!

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