November Goals and Mantras

And just like that it’s a new month and time to reset goals and mantras. I can tell you right now my goals are going to be simple and easy this month and my mantras will be kind of focused on not losing my mind. We are into the big week of packing and getting ready for the move to our new office at work. A week from tomorrow I report to my new location.Things are going to be a bit crazy. And then you have the ramp up to the holiday season – which I love – but it can be stress inducing as well. So this month I’ll be trying to practice self-care and not much else when I’m away from work! Before we dive into that, I always like to see how I did on my previous month’s goals, so let’s look back at October.

October Goals

~Workout three days a week – YES! Nate and I are doing a workout program together and it’s really kicked my behind into gear!

~Strength train five days a week – Yep! We do stretching and weight lifting as part of our workouts.

~Go to the pumpkin patch   Done! We had a great time at Pinehaven Farm as we always do.

~Figure out and make Ollie’s Halloween costume I’m going to say yes, even though I didn’t make the costume, I still found all the necessary pieces.

~Go to the apple orchard  Yes. I have to thank Ollie for this one, he suggested it the day after our Oktoberfest and if we hadn’t gone that day we might not have made it this year, so I’m glad he asked to go!

~Make some Fall crafts with Ollie – I’m going to not check this one off. Ollie made Fall and Halloween crafts with my mom, but I didn’t really have a chance to do any with him yet. Maybe for Thanksgiving though!

~Bake some Fall themed goodies – Again, not going to check this off. I made chocolate chip cookies but they weren’t Fall themed. I also made applesauce…but it didn’t turn out that great.

~Go on a date with Nate Yes! We had a blast at Topgolf!

I think I did pretty well in October! I think it helps that I gave myself mostly fun goals to accomplish! And now on to my November goals.

November Goals

~Make sure I’m taking time to relax and renew each day during this crazy stretch

~Go out on a birthday outing with Nate

~Plan our Thanksgiving menu

~Make a Thanksgiving craft with Ollie

~Celebrate 30 Days of Thankfulness

~Start planning Ollie’s birthday

~Order our Christmas cards

~Make an appointment for Ollie’s yearly physical and his flu shot

And that’s it. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew right now. I plan on focusing mostly on Thanksgiving and birthdays with a little bit of a forward mind on Christmas, but not too much yet. And really trying to go one day at a time with everything else. My mantras for this month are all going to be focused on slowing down and self care. I am going to remind myself I need to take care of me first and while I want to do ALL the things, I might not be able to and that is ok.

And on we go! Feel free to link up any goal posts for November with me and my Peaceful Posse peeps below!

9 thoughts on “November Goals and Mantras

  1. Love those mantras! Might borrow a few for next month – December is always so busy.
    Well done on your goals – sounds like you are making fitness a priority and this is something I need to do more of. Great that you and Nate do it together – it makes such a difference to exercise with someone, doesn’t it?
    Your Halloween outfits were so cool – such a lovely theme. It looked like the 3 of you had so much fun.

  2. Great mantras. I’m loving that first one. I really need to remember self-care this time of the year because my depression often likes to ramp up. I really want to be more active and eat better these next couple of months because the holidays are definitely tough with all the food. haha


  3. I think you did pretty well in October, too. Look what you were able to cross off your list!
    I hope you can enjoy November (even with the move at work!) and just embrace the holiday season!

  4. I’m glad you are focusing on self care, what with the holiday season in full swing. Crafted and apple picking—you had a fun month, and sounds like you got a lot accomplished in October! Isn’t it nuts we’re already in November? Slow down, time! Best of luck with your office move! Does this add to your commute to work?

  5. Nice job with October! You really got a lot accomplished! I’m totally with you on being gentle with myself for November. It’s all going by so fast! I really love those last two quotes!

  6. Good luck with the work move! Work has been crazy for me too so thank goodness for self care. I am also trying to find that balance between not taking on too many things, but also getting some important things done this month. (Like Christmas cards! Eek! I need to do that too!)

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