100 Dreams

100 Dreams – Week Five

I haven’t been consistent with my 100 Dreams posts, but here is another installment. Today I’m choosing dreams that are far beyond my own reach. The type of dreams we have that we wish could come true but that are not necessarily something easily achievable and in fact some of which may even be impossible. There is nothing wrong with having these kinds of dreams too.

(41) World peace

(42) Trump is no longer the President

(43) We find a cure for cancer. And while we’re at it, a cure for AIDS, MS, Alzheimer’s, Mental Illness, Infertility, etc.

(44) We win the lottery.

(45) Travel becomes cheaper and faster so we can see family and friends who live far away much more easily.

(46) The Vikings will go to the Super Bowl – and win.

(47) I could sit and talk with my grandmother one more time. And pet my old cat one more time.

(48) Singing a duet on stage with Josh Groban.

(49) Owning a cabin on a lake somewhere up north.

(50) No longer being allergic to avocado.

It’s ok to have dreams that will never likely be more than dreams. It keeps us always having hope. Next time my dreams will be a bit more back on Earth. And, we are halfway to 100!

What are your impossible dreams?

9 thoughts on “100 Dreams – Week Five

  1. Okay the dream about petting your cat one more time made me bawl. I am still grieving my missing cat in hopes he will still come home and I do hope and dream that I will get to have another pet. Thanks for sharing these <3

  2. I love this idea – impossible, or mostly impossible dreams. It’s good to have these too. I definitely wish for cures to various illnesses – I (and many in my family) suffer from mental illness, my brother has MS, one of my aunts just passed from cancer, etc. It’s everywhere and it’s awful.


  3. You are allergic to avocado? Son of a bitch.
    47 pulled my heart and I wish for those things too…for you…and for me except a fur dog and not cat. My grandma was my rock in all hard times and in good ones and well Champ was just the best. I imagine your grandma was wonderful too and your fur babe was just as sweet as could be. They leave such wide spaces in our hearts but we always should let the good memories fill those cracks. xoxo
    Did you know that Josh Groban is in a new Netflix series with Tony Danza? I just saw it on there.

  4. Uhm, did I know you were allergic to avocado? I don’t think I did, and what a bloody shame that is!

    Awww, I love this list. Also OMG yes to ridding this nation of Trump asap. How can we make that a reality stat, as opposed to this bizarre alternate reality we are currently living in??

    Bryan and I talk about winning the lottery and what we’d do. I wish travel were less expensive. We’ve been watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain lately (sniff) and it’s nice to do armchair traveling in the meantime, but dang it, there are just WAY too many places on my bucket list that I’d like to see!

    I’d pay big bucks to see you and Josh Groban. It could happen! DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS, BETH!! XOXO and love you much

  5. #42 WILL happen eventually (not soon enough though). Ha! Allergic to avocado? No guac for you? Oh well, there are worse things to be allergic too–give me ice cream over guacamole any day 🙂 I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery either!

  6. Oh my gosh, these are awesome. #42 though… Haha! I love it. I teared up with the one about petting your cat one last time. I really wish I could have that one come true too! This is such a great list of dreams!

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