What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 10.12.18

Hey hey, it’s FRIDAY! This week went by surprisingly fast. I’m looking forward to a cozy weekend with my boys. But first it’s time to look back on the week and the things I’m grateful for and that made me happy in my What’s Up Weekend post with  my ladies Charlotte and Lindsay. Here’s my happy list!

Selling a few items to Style Encore and buying a couple of things and only spending $3.00

Eating a nice dinner out at Brasa with my best guys

The fun that was had at our Oktoberfest

Nate bringing home some free acrylic paint someone was getting rid of near his office

Visiting the apple orchard and watching Ollie pick apples

Attempting to make applesauce with our fresh apples

Ollie learning to love apple cider donuts

Starting season 3 of The Good Place

My house has stayed reasonably clean since the party last week

And now as I said, it’s Friday and my plans for the weekend include some time with my favorite boys. I’m so happy to see the sun is shining today for the first time in DAYS. Weeks even. It’s been awhile, so seeing it this morning just fills me with joy. I’m going to try to spread that sunshine today. Have a fantastic weekend! Feel free to link up with the ladies and I below or check out the other posts!

10 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 10.12.18

  1. That sweet picture of Ollie!!! FREE PAINT!! Wow, that’s awesome. I need to make some applesauce, the kids love when I make it in my slow cooker. The house always smells amazing when I do and it’s good warm on ice cream. 😉
    I <3 The Good Place.
    Happy Friday!!

  2. Hooray for apple picking. I’m hoping to go to an apple orchard soon. I have been wanting to make homemade applesauce. Is there a specific recipe that you are using?

  3. The picture of Ollie picking apples is so sweet! Sounds like you are having a great Fall season so far. I’m glad you enjoyed your Oktoberfest.
    Yay when your home stays clean – I find I just feel so much more organized with a clean and tidy home.
    Hope you had a great weekend and lots of sunshine. We had a bit of rain this morning but it cleared up and looks like a sunny day ahead. Still a bit chilly here in the mornings so I’ve got the heater on – Spring keeps teasing us 🙂

  4. I have yet to go apple picking but I really need to do that! Jona doesn’t really like apples but he does love applesauce, so they wouldn’t go to waste!

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