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As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite things to do is take Ollie to the library and let him pick out books. He grabbed some real winners this time, so I thought I’d share them today as we’ve really been enjoying them – and have even renewed them once already!

Have You Seen My Cat by Eric Carle – is it a simple book? Yes. It is one line repeated throughout as a little boy asks everyone he sees if they’ve seen his cat. Ollie can easily read this book himself. What’s fun about this book though are the illustrations and the different types of cats we see when the little boy says “that’s not my cat!” such as lions, leopards, and tigers. It’s a fun book overall.

Toad on the Road by Stephen Shaskan – very cute little repetitive book about a toad playing the road and the various animals who almost run into him and caution him to get out of the road before he gets hurt. Each of them – a bear on a bike, a croc in a car and a vole in a van, ask him what his mama would say until who happens to show up, but a toad in a truck – his mama! And she tells him to get out of the way. It’s cute and sing songy, teaches a good lesson and the illustrations are fun too.

And The Train Goes by William Bee – this is a fun book about different sounds and voices on a train as it travels, sounds like the chuffing and puffing and also voices of businessmen, ladies going to tea, children on a field trip, and even some chickens. At the end, a parrot echos all the sounds we heard throughout the book. Ollie still enjoys anything relating to trains, so he enjoyed this one quite a bit.

Norman The Slug With the Silly Shell by Sue Hendra – Ollie and I both gravitated towards this book when we saw the giant donut on the cover! It’s a silly story about a slug named Norman who wants to be a snail like his friends, so he digs around and finds himself a snail shell – in the shape of a donut! The snails all love his shell until a bird comes along and ruins their fun. Alls well that ends well though when Norman decides maybe he’d like to be a bird instead and finds something to turn into wings (spoiler alert, it’s a pair of underwear). This is the perfect kid book as it’s silly and fun. We saw the author has another book called Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat, so we might need to find that one next!

Weasels by Elys Dolan – This was the biggest winner this time, Ollie loves this book so much we may need to buy a copy. It is the most ridiculously silly book but even Nate and I have fun reading it with him. Weasels is about a bunch of weasels who want to take over the world, but their machine fails and they need to find out why. There is a lot on each page as they work to solve their problem and eventually reach their goal. Welcome to Weaseltopia. Overall I can’t say enough about how fun this book is! Pretty sure we’ll be putting a copy under the Christmas tree this year if we can find it.

Speaking of owning books, we do own a ton of books for Ollie, but it really has been fun going to the library and picking some out. He mostly reads the ones from the library while we have them, but it helps us get less bored with the books we own. That being said I’m hoping to get him some new books for birthday and Christmas because it’s always fun to get books as presents! And I can’t wait to see what he picks at the library next time!

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  1. Yay I love these posts–as if I need to add to my kids book TBR… ha! I already added Weasels to my list but I’m going to add Norman the Slug too. Anything silly like that sounds right up Jona’s alley.

  2. I think everyone should support their public library if they can, so even if you own books, it’s a great way to find new stories without having to buy them (or you can find books you’d like to own before shelling out the cash for a dud lol). I’m glad Ollie found some fun ones recently! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Omg how cute!! Thank you for sharing! In another lif, I used to work as an editor at a children’s book publishing company (named Troll, long defunct!), and this brings back memories. I always loved how cute and sing songy some of the books were and the Weasles book sounds adorable. So glad Ollie is exploring the library and finding so many good books to read 🙂

  4. Oh how I miss reading fun and cute books to the boys! Now they read to me and its all action/adventure stuff. LOL . Alex had a favorite book “My Blue is happy” We checked it out 8 times before I just bought it for him. And now he takes it and reads it to the younger kids at school! We love our library. Theres something special about browsing the shelves and picking out books!

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