TBB Asks: Fall 2.0

I’m a day late, but I had to do the monthly link up with the Blended Blog, because it’s all about Fall and I’ll talk about Fall all day long! I love Fall so much if you didn’t already know that! So here’s my answers to this month’s questions!

(1) Favorite Fall Color? Orange. Hands down. It’s my favorite color most of the time, but I especially love it right now!

(2) Apple cider: Hot or Cold? I prefer it hot, especially if it’s a cold day. My mom found a recipe for a boozy hot apple cider I might have to throw together for our Oktoberfest.

(3) Caramel Apple: Yes or No? I’m a no on this one for a couple of reasons, I don’t like the feeling on my teeth and also I’m not a fan of peels on apples. Now, I’ll happily dip peeled apple slices into soft caramel, but I’m not one for a caramel apple on a stick.

(4) Pumpkin doughnut or apple cider doughnut? I grew up with apple cider doughnuts so they probably win this one for me, but I will say Dunkin Donuts has a pretty delicious pumpkin spice doughnut.

(5) Long or short cardigan? I am finding I prefer a longer cardigan, I think it makes me look taller and I like it if it covers my behind a bit.

(6) Favorite football or Fall party food? I’m a sucker for that nacho cheese dip and taco chips. Or sour cream and onion dip and potato chips.

(7) Orange or white pumpkins? Definitely orange. Ollie picked out a green one a couple of years ago that was kind of fun though! I haven’t seen many white ones before.

(8) Hayride or bonfire? I think I prefer a bonfire. Good excuse to have a beer in hand too, right?

(9) Favorite fall baked good? Apple pie. There’s nothing better.

(10) Most anticipated Fall activity? Our big Oktoberfest this weekend and then I’m most looking forward to our annual visit to the pumpkin patch.

What are your favorite Fall things?

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8 thoughts on “TBB Asks: Fall 2.0

  1. Octoberfest sounds like a blast!!! I just made my pumpkin patch trip last weekend and I ran out of spaces to put my pumpkins! LOL!!! I am now following from TBB – you can follow back if you wish at Annster’s Domain. Have a great day~~~

  2. Oh, yes! Nacho cheese dip. I always make the standard Velveeta/Rotel combo for when my family gets together for football games and it never lasts long, but I’m always looking for new recipes to try. My favorite fall baked good would probably be a pumpkin pie. That is the ultimate comfort food dessert for me. 😉

  3. I can’t remember which blog I saw this on but I commented that I strongly dislike apple and pumpkin everything. I’m the worst basic white girl when it comes to fall. I don’t like hot drinks, I don’t like cider, pumpkin spiced anything, fall foods, nothing. But I like fall! I just hate all of the traditional “fall” things.

  4. Yum! I want all the football snacks right now! I’ve never been a big fan of cider, but a boozy version might just change my mind. I love apple cider donuts, but now I’m going to have to try a DD pumpkin one too. But, only as a special treat! Gotta get to that healthy eating at some point 😉

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