Humpday Confessions

Humpday Confessions 9.19.18

Guess what day it is? Hump Day! So guess what that means? Time for a round of Humpday Confessions! Been a while since I’ve cleaned the ole conscience, so it’s time to do it. Let’s jump into the confessional.

I Confess….

That I really don’t need anything right now besides maybe another pair of pants for work, but I am just jonsing for a trip to Style Encore because I haven’t been there in months.

That when Ollie woke up having wet through his nighttime pull-up at 5:00 the other morning, I gave him fresh pants, but laid a towel over his sheets and dealt with them later. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who’s pulled that mom move before.

That my face is super broke out and I feel like a freaking teenager. I think it’s the changing of the seasons. My skin is happiest in summer it seems.

That there are just over two weeks to our annual Oktoberfest and we’re nowhere near ready. But we will be!

That I became one of those people who yell at the football game while watching the Vikings and the Packers on Sunday. And that I might have scared my child at one point.  I’ve been having fun with my family Fantasy Football draft and even went in and made some changes to my team. I think…I might be a football person now. What Universe is this??

That I didn’t watch the Emmys this year. It used to be my favorite of the awards shows, but the last couple of years it hasn’t been as much fun to watch and then this year with it being on a Monday and not a Sunday I just wasn’t able to make the time to tune in.

That I skipped going to a board meeting at Ollie’s school so I could finish up my tagging for the JBF sale. But I got it all done and organized and then I got it all dropped off yesterday!

That now that I’m back in a good reading groove I’ve been staying up too late reading just about every night. It’s so hard when you can’t put your book down!

Well, that’s what I have this week! I know it’s all so scandalous as usual. You’re all just shaking your heads in horror right? Haha! Got anything to confess? Hit me in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions 9.19.18

  1. I would be utterly surprised if I ever turned into a football person. I did watch one game of the World Cup with Angel this summer…that’s about as far as I go with following sports. 😛 He, on the other hand, was up till 2 in the morning on work nights since he had to see the World Cup games live…

  2. Oh gosh, my family loves football and the majority of them yell at the TV screen. haha I just blog or do something else while it’s on. I watched a little bit of the Emmy’s, but I wasn’t home for the beginning. I was kind of bummed it was on a Monday!


  3. Yay for being on a reading kick and finding good books. Worth staying up late for sure! I feel your pain with the wet sheets situation… occasionally it happens x2 at my house and boy does that make me tired of washing sheets!!

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