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Thrifty Tuesday – Resale

Welcome to Thrifty Tuesday! Today’s thrifty tip has to do with a great way to make a little extra money. If you read last week, I said I was getting ready for the Just Between Friends sale. The JBF sale is a seasonal pop-up sale that is held for about five days, typically in an old abandoned store of some sort. It’s all kid and baby stuff. You sign up to be a consignor, price your own items, drop them off before the sale and then they pretty much take care of the rest. It sounds very simple, but there is a lot of work to do and I’ve learned some lessons over the years of participating. I will say the efforts are usually worth it though, I have made more at these sales than I do taking a bag or two over to Once Upon a Child. Here are a few things I’ve learned to make the job easier.

First of all, I separate all of the clothes I’m planning to sell by type – pants, shirts, etc. Make sure everything is clean and decent looking. Then I get everything hung up. They ask you to pin items like pants to the hangers, but you can hang your shirts like normal.

Next I go in and price everything. They have a fantastic pricing guide on their website so I use that to help determine cost of each item, but I usually price everything around $3-5 a piece. After the pricing is done, I print the tags, cut them out and then the next part is much more fun for me now. They say you can safety pin your tags OR you can use a tagging gun. I finally broke down and bought a tagging gun ($9.99 on Amazon) and it saved SO much time.

After I’m done with all the clothes, I usually go through and see if there are any toys or books that Ollie isn’t playing with anymore. Those items are a little easier to tag, just need to tape them and make sure all the pieces are together and things like that.

When you sign up to consign at the sale you can sign up for a drop off time. When you drop off your items, someone will inspect everything, make sure everything matches their standards and then will send you to place your items out on the floor. And that’s it. Then you sit back and wait for people to shop. My favorite part is that you can track your items online and see what’s sold. Then you’re able to kind of keep a running tally of what you’re making! JBF will send you a check within a week or so of the close of the sale.

I don’t participate in every single JBF sale, that would get to be too much, but once a year or so I’m willing to do a bunch of work to get a little cash for the things we’ve outgrown! Obviously it’s a great place to shop for kid stuff for less also, but I think that kind of goes without saying. I’m anxious to see how we do at this sale, I drop off stuff today. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Thrifty Tuesday – Resale

  1. I think that is so smart to do and such a great way to make extra money! I would like to be better about consigning my clothes as well. I sometimes use ThredUp to sell but I don’t think the payout from them is very good (at least in my experience). For now I’m still passing along baby/kid clothes to my friends or family with kids so that’s been really nice to be able to do that (and reap the benefits for my own kids when they share!).

  2. This is SO cool. I like that once you’ve got everything ready you don’t have to worry about the actual selling, tallying. And that’s awesome you can see what sold and what you’re making online. I hope you do well with this sale.


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