What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 9.14.18

Well hello friends! Happy Friday! We have survived another week, Hallelujah! It’s time for my weekly look back at the week and the things that made me happy or I’m grateful for, along with my lovelies Charlotte and Lindsay. We’ll just jump right on in.

(1) Ollie started back at tumbling class and is already doing awesome. His confidence has grown so much since last year and you can tell he’s just so happy to be back.

(2) Walking around Target by myself the other night.The boys ran a separate errand together and we needed a few things so I went on my own. Sometimes you just need to be able to do things like that without a kiddo in tow.

(3) An impromptu trip to a winery last weekend with the boys. It was a beautiful day so we decided why not? And it was lovely.


(4) Going through mine and Ollie’s clothes and getting a handle on what we’re keeping and what we’re selling/donating.

(5) Stopping at the library on the way home the other day and how excited Ollie gets to pick out his books.

(6) Ollie actually ate something other than mac and cheese from a restaurant the other night AND liked it.

(7) Getting good numbers on my wellness labs at work. Now I just have to pass the physical part.

(8) Drafting a Fantasy Football team for a league with our family. I had no freaking clue what I was doing, but I managed to draft three Vikings.

(9) Snuggles with Pippin last night.

(10) Nachos for dinner. Because sometimes you just need to eat like you’re in college.

And now on to the weekend! We are animal sitting for some family that will be out of town, so we’ll likely stick close to home. I need to finish tagging clothes for the JBF Sale and I’m hoping to get some cleaning and laundry done too. It’s also going to be warm and muggy so I don’t know how much time we’ll spend outside. That’s all right though, weather I like is coming next week! What are your weekend plans? Be sure to check out the other posts below and feel free to add your own!

8 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 9.14.18

  1. I love that Ollie gets so excited about going to the library and getting books. That’s awesome he’s enjoying being back at tumbling. My nephew is doing soccer and dance this year, and my niece is just doing dance, but they love it! ūüôā I hope you have a good weekend and enjoy pet sitting!! I think it’s supposed to be a bit hot this weekend so hopefully I don’t sweat like a crazy person – I’m planning on going to the Ren Fest tomorrow.


  2. I love the idea of eating like you’re in college. I stay up late like I was in college, so nachos and Jack N The Box late night menu should be part of that (I’ve never tried it, by the way). Also, beware of drafting with your heart in fantasy football – sometimes, you win with Lions and Packers and Bears, too, if you can stand it!

  3. Tumbling looks like fun! I love that he gets excited to pick out books. I do too LOL . My family is doing the whole draft thing and Im lost. I just let the Mr take care of it! Also big win on Ollie trying something new! Hope your weekend is amazing!!

  4. I love that Ollie is into the tumbling class (do they have these for adults? Asking for a friend… :)) and that he loves the library!

    Oh, and now I want nachos!

  5. I love that Ollie is excited about his library visits!! That is good stuff, mama. I’m so glad my kiddos still enjoy their visits too. But I’m not sure if their excitement matches up to mine. I always go into the library like I just need a few books and leave like I’m robbing the joint. Isn’t that how it feels? Like you’re stealing? They’re literally letting you take all.the.books for FREE!!

  6. Yay for tumbling class and a non-mac and cheese success!! I wish I could say the same for my Mr. Picky… the struggle is real. Impromptu winery and library visits sound like fun as well. I haven’t taken the kids to the library since school started but I need to do that again. Jona does get to pick out a book from his school library a few times a week and he LOVES that.

  7. Oh hey, hi. Bad blogger over here. Lol

    Oooh nachos. I LOOOVE nachos. Hey is Ollie super picky with food? Sounds like maybe he might be willing to try more food going forward. Baby steps, I know. I used to be the pickiest water as a kiddo.

    Love the little pic of Ollie in tumbling class. And Pippin. Such a beautiful cat. ūüôā

    Love you momma. xoxox

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