Highs and Lows of the Year So Far

Today I’m linking up with Kait from the blog Communikait. She has chosen a month’s worth of blogging prompts and is encouraging bloggers to join her for any of them that sound interesting. Today’s prompt is Highs and Lows of the year so far. I typically reflect at the end of the year, but I don’t see anything wrong with doing it a little early! I’m also going to start with the lows and end with the highs, because I’d rather leave you guys on a positive note.

Truth be told, there aren’t many lows so far, knock on wood. But there were a couple. One of which I’ve talked about here before, others I have not. The first low point is regarding our cat situation. I haven’t written about this partly because it’s still hard for me some days and partly because it does have a happy ending so it kind of became a lesser issue I guess. I’ve talked a bit here about how Taylor and Pippin suddenly stopped getting along about two years ago. We tried everything and I mean everything to help them be happy or at least tolerate each other again. We’d have some good days but also plenty of bad ones. The bad ones involved lots of hissing, growling, scratching, biting, urinating/defecating out of the litter box, hiding under furniture, jumpy/skittishness and just general unhappiness from both cats. And at the beginning of this year, the bad days were becoming constant. We talked at length as to what to do, we cried a lot, we tried more things that were suggested to try and help them, but it just wasn’t working. Then we found a solution. My in-laws have been without a cat since their cat passed away some years ago and they’ve mentioned wanting one again. So, we asked if they’d be willing to have one of our girls come live with them for a bit just to see if the separation would help both cats or not. We decided to have Pippin be the one to move, it was very hard to choose, but she was the younger of the two cats and also, my father-in-law is one of her most favorite people. Within a week of separating them things improved immensely. Taylor started eating better and gained weight. She pretty much immediately stopped soiling outside the litter box. Pippin became less skittish and no longer hides under beds or furniture and in fact, is even more tolerant of Ollie when we come over. Both cats are happy and healthy and we still get to see our Pippin girl anytime we want. I do miss her quite a bit, she was my girl as Taylor is really more Nate’s, but in the end, happy, healthy pets are what matters and so does is own sanity. I believe pets are family and I am thankful we could find a situation where both pets are still part of our family. It works for now. A low that became a high.

The other low was early in the year when Ollie was dealing with his tummy troubles. We had an extremely frustrating month or so while he was fighting with resisting bowel movements and we finally figured out he was dealing with some chronic constipation. I’m thankful that many months later with the help of doctor regulated medicine and watching his diet a little bit we don’t deal with it hardly at all. But I will tell you, there were days I felt so helpless and even days I thought I should change my job title to “Poop Doula.” I kid, but only a little.

Others close to us have had some lows dealt to them this year also and that is hard because when my loved ones are hurting, I’m hurting too. One friend is dealing with a second round of cancer. Another friend had a late first trimester miscarriage. Both are situations that make you question things a bit, but all we can do is keep praying and go one day at a time.

But with the lows, came many highs also!

A big high was our trip to St. Louis. It was so nice spending time with that part of our family, but more than that, the adventures we went on were so much fun as well. Every place we went became Ollie’s most favorite place ever. He turned into quite the fish and fell in love with swimming. It was time well spent with my two favorite boys and I came back rested and happy. You can’t ask for more from a vacation, can you?

Another high is putting Ollie in tumbling class this year. We took the summer off, but he’s back at it again and he just loves it so much. We love that it gives him an outlet to get some of his energy out. We’ve noticed it has helped him build confidence and strength. It was one of the best decisions we made this year.

I would also say a high of the year has been the fact that Nate and I have been making an effort once a month to go out on a date and having Ollie actually spend the night with one of his sets of grandparents or his auntie. It’s really helped us connect as a couple and we’ve had a chance to try some great restaurants and go to some fun places.

And of course, the Minnesota State Fair was a high of the year so far too. Watching my child fall in love with the Fair? That’s going to stick with me for quite some time to come.

I reconnected with my sorority sister/college roommate and discovered she lives less than a mile from my house. We always got along really well back in the day and I’m not even sure how/why we lost touch after college but that doesn’t matter now. We’ve found each other again and I don’t see us losing each other at this point. It’s been nice having her in my life again so I call that a high too.

Starting with KEEP was another high of the year. It hasn’t been a huge money maker for me, but it has been fun and I’ve enjoyed sharing my story with this unique jewelry and helping others do the same. I’m excited for what’s to come with this, especially with the holidays.

Overall it’s been a good year so far and there are still more fun times to come. We are into my favorite stretch of the year with Fall – we have Oktoberfest coming up, Halloween, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas. My mom and I are going to see Josh Groban in November. Therefore I say the highs well outweigh the lows. But life is how it is and you can’t have the highs without the lows!

What have been some highs or lows in your year so far?

6 thoughts on “Highs and Lows of the Year So Far

  1. This is a fun idea for a post. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s troubles, but I’m glad your lows for the years have been sorted out. That’s sad that you had to separate the cats, but it’s great that Pippin is still in the family and you can see her whenever you like! I imagine that makes it somewhat better, but still tough since that was your cat, as you said.

    Yay for all the highs though, and reconnecting with old friends is just lovely. This is probably my favorite time of the year too so I know good things will come.


  2. This is an amazing idea for a blog post!
    I’m sorry that your year has contained some lows but glad that some have sorted themselves out. Thank you for sharing the story about Pippin – we had to rehome our dogs years ago and hearing your story made me feel better.
    Sorry that some of your friends have gone through so much this year so far.
    Your highs sound good and I love how positive this post is.

  3. First of all – thank you SO much for linking up today. I feel so grateful that you joined in 🙂 I feel like this blog prompt could have been a real ‘downer’ for some people, so I enjoyed the way you structured it. I’m so sorry to hear about your cats, but how incredibly mature of you to recognize that their health and happiness is the most important (even if it broke you on the inside). What a great situation that became of it though, right?! Also – I love that unique jewelry! I’ve never even heard of it before now!

  4. This is a great idea for a post! And what a good thing that your highs seem to outweigh your lows. I’m so sorry about your cats but I’m glad that it seems to be working out–I’m sure it’s still not easy though! Yay for Ollie’s tummy troubles getting better. The “poop doula” title made me laugh and I am also SO there. Violet has similar issues that have slowly gotten better over time, but it makes me nervous for potty training with her.

  5. I love this idea for a post. It’s definitely been a year of ups and downs. It’s been hard because you hear some good news and then it seems like there are three bad things that come around the corner. I’m definitely celebrating your highs with you. Poor Ollie. I hope his tummy problems ease up soon. It’s never easy to see a kid in discomfort and not be able to do anything to fix it right away. Hope the last quarter of the year is a good one for your family! <3

  6. Great post idea. I loved reading about the highs and lows of your year… well, the high more than the lows for obvious reasons, but I am so happy that you found a solution for your cats and that Ollie’s tummy trouble was resolved!

    I am sorry to hear about your friend’ s cancer return (as you might recall, I have a dear friend battling cancer as well) and your other friend’s miscarriage. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why.

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