The Blended Blog Asks: How Do You Cozy

Happy Tuesday that feels like Monday! I’m back after a long weekend and I’ll share more about our second day Fair adventures, visits with our out of town relatives and all that jazz soon. Today I’m linking up with the Blended Blog for their monthly TBB Asks. This month’s theme is so fun – how do you cozy? When I think about Fall, I most definitely think about things that are cozy! Let’s snuggle in!

(1) Slippers – Yes OR No? YES. I have a few pairs and I’m pretty rough on them, I end up wearing them out pretty good and usually ask for some for my birthday each year. My current favorites are some Unicorn slip-ons I found on an end cap at Target last winter.

(2) What is your favorite blanket? My current favorite is actually one we were given when Ollie was born, it is a fleece blanket that was tied together on the ends. It’s actually quite large and is just the right size to cuddle up in when I’m in our basement. My other favorite blanket is my baby blanket and I do still sleep with it. No shame. I will be buried with that thing.

(3) Thin or thick pillow? THICK. I need the cushioning. It drives me nuts when my pillow goes flat.

(4) Favorite warm beverage? Coffee. Next question. Ok I’m kidding. I will say for a treat I enjoy some hot apple cider or hot chocolate. And some of the fancy coffee drinks that come out at the holidays.

(5) Robe – Yes OR No? Not as much anymore. The winter Ollie was born I lived in my robes, in fact the hospital sent us home with a super nice plush one and it was great for the days I didn’t want to get dressed and for nursing and such. But I haven’t used it much since then.

(6) Favorite comfort snack food? I have too many! I love cookies and cookie dough. Oreos. Puppy Chow. Peanut M&M’s. Potato chips and onion dip. Popcorn. Chips and salsa. Pitas and hummus. I’m hungry. Feed me?

(7) Movies or TV series binge? BOTH. We watch movies on weekends and we binge TV series during the week. We are very good at hibernating. In my former life I was a bear.

(8) Actual PJ’s or leggings? I’ve taken to pretty much wearing mostly leggings. I do have a few pairs of PJ’s still too, but a lot of times after work I throw on a tank top and leggings and just leave it for bed.

(9) Do you cozy up on the couch or the chair? Couch. It’s funny, Nate and I each kind of take a corner of the couch, but we do try to snuggle up every now and then too. And the cat smushes herself between us.

(10) Hoodie, t-shirt or sweater? Give me ALL the hoodies please!

And now I just need the temperature outside to drop about ten degrees and I’ll be all set! How do YOU cozy up?

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10 thoughts on “The Blended Blog Asks: How Do You Cozy

  1. Omg how funny—I swear we had so many of the same answers! I’m so curious about puppy chow. Please tell me what it is so I’m not imagining you eating dog food 🤣

    Also Bryan and I have our spots om the couch and sometimes we snuggle up but mostly we both prefer our space when we hibernate, I mean, watch tv. If it weren’t for the inability to sit still, I might have been a bear in a former life, too. Ha! Have a great short week, momma!

    1. Oh puppy chow is what one of our local grocery stores calls the Chex Muddy Buddies. I forget that it’s not the actual name of that treat sometimes, lol!

  2. “In my former life, I was a bear.” LOL I love that so much. I am all about cozy things and fall is my favorite season, so I won’t be sad when it finally comes for real. It’s SO hot right now; its feels about 100 degrees out. Ugh. If I’m not in a pool, that’s too hot. hah I really love slippers too but also fuzzy socks! My feet are almost always cold.


  3. That was fun to read! I am with you on the coffee 🙂 (although I enjoy other hot beverages as well. HOT > COLD most times!)

    I have a robe and I wish I loved it more than I do, but I’d rather get into some PJ’s.

  4. Haha coffee all the way. I like other drinks, but coffee is the warm beverage that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT. I also wear out my slippers too and usually end up asking for a pair for Christmas. And yes to all your comfort snack foods. Give me all of it!!

  5. Thank you for explaining what puppy chow is 🙂 I love the snacks you mention!
    This past winter I’ve been wearing my pj’s and gown (robe) most evenings.
    LOL at being a bear 🙂

  6. Yay for hibernation! That’s a hobby of mine. And yes to all the snacks! Oreos sound so good right now lol. I love that you still have your baby blanket!! Such a comfort that must be!!

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