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State Fair – Day One

Yes I said State Fair Day One in my post title. We’re going back for day two tomorrow! We actually did quite a bit in our first day, but we have out of town relatives coming up tomorrow who will be going, so we thought it would be fun to go back with them. For now, I thought I’d share about our first day, it may have been my favorite Fair day with Ollie so far!

When we woke up on Tuesday, it was raining, but we were determined to not let it spoil our fun. We started driving toward our park and ride for the bus, but it was raining even heavier, so Nate had the brilliant idea to stop at Starbucks and see if the rain let up while fueling ourselves up with a little caffeine. His plan worked, the rain tapered off to a drizzle by the time we finished our drinks. So, we set back off again and made it to the Fairgrounds by a little bit before 10:00. The first thing we did was get Ollie his own bag of mini donuts. And I’ll tell you what – he was NOT sharing them!

We wandered around the West End Market for a bit and decided to escape the rain at Lulu’s Public House where Nate and I shared a beer and a Juicy Lucy breakfast sausage sandwich. It was delicious. The views from the rooftop at Lulu’s are quite impressive also! After that we attempted to walk around in the Grandstand, but that wasn’t really Ollie’s scene, so then we took the Skyride up to the Agriculture Building. Ollie was initially hesitant, but once we were in the air, he LOVED it.

In the agriculture building we ran into my parents who were also at the Fair that day. We all enjoyed a sample of the new First Kiss apple that the University of Minnesota developed. It’s a pretty tasty apple, and it should be as it took over twenty years to develop! Then we checked out all the giant vegetables. After that we watched a little bit of the karaoke at the Food Building, but Ollie was getting bored, so we took him to the Butterfly House. It was a big hit! He loved all the butterflies (well I think some were moths) that kept landing on him!

After the butterflies, Ollie said he wanted to see some animals, so we took him to the various animal buildings. We saw everything but the pigs somehow. Ollie especially loved the chickens, he kept comparing them to his Auntie’s. We learned one of the breeds is a distant cousin of the breed that she has!

We could tell energy was waning at this point in the day, so we took him back over to the West End for his annual treat from Greg’s Toys (wooden toy stand) and he picked out a vehicle to take home. Then we made one final stop in the Health building where a friend of our family was doing vision screening for kids. Ollie scored perfectly and was so proud of his great eyes. Nate also took the opportunity to have his blood typed as he wasn’t 100% sure what type he was. Then we headed out the gates and back onto the bus, leaving around 4:00.

It was a very full day! There is still so much we didn’t see that I think Ollie would love –  Machinery Hill, The Alphabet Forest, Math on a Stick, etc. So, I’m hopeful we’ll get around to some of that tomorrow. Overall he did so great the other day though and my day was made when he said “I LOVE the State Fair, I want to stay here forever!” Well, I guess my work here is done!

6 thoughts on “State Fair – Day One

  1. That all sounds like so much fun, and it’s making me want to go to our state fair! It’s a bummer though because Aaron is from the city where they hold the fair (about 3 hrs away from where we live) and we’re always back a week or two before for my niece’s birthday and can rarely make it back for the fair. Maybe we’ll try this year, because I love it!

  2. I know how much you love the fair, so I’m glad you were able to really enjoy it with Ollie this year. It sounds like you all had a blast and got some yummy food – always a top priority. I hope you have a fantastic second day and I can’t wait to hear about it.


  3. yay!! So impressed with taking him for multiple days! Did you bring a wagon for him? Any things you pack in your purse or a bag to help him get through the day?

    1. I had a backpack full of snacks and wipes, he actually walked the whole time this year! I was shocked! We took breaks to sit down and drink water and once rode the Skyride from one end to the other, otherwise he walked and did great!

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