What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 8.24.18

T-G-I-FREAKING F. I have never been so happy to see a Friday. It was a very busy week at work and I’m quite exhausted. I’m just so happy to see the weekend! Anyway, it’s time for my weekly check in with my lovelies Charlotte and Lindsay of the good things from the week and the things that made me happy. It is always so nice ending a week on a positive note! Let’s jump in!

(1) The new song River by Josh Groban. Oh my gosh. I mean that man can sing me anything and I’ll be a puddle on the floor, but this song just spoke to me. I legit listened to it like three times yesterday. No shame. The new album comes out next month and I cannot wait. (Link to YouTube video here.)

(2) Finally getting a harvest out of our garden! We’re starting to get tomatoes and squash and last night we enjoyed some carrots! It’s all been so delicious!

(3) I managed to read FOUR books in August. What??? Craziness! I’ll have a post up next week with multiple reviews for the first time ever! I’m hoping I keep this momentum going.

(4) Snuggles with my Pippin cat.

(5) Sushi girls night and conversation with a good friend.

(6) Another girls night with my sister-in-law and Nate’s cousin who is in town for the Fair. We took her to Betty Dangers in NE Minneapolis and of course rode the Ferris Wheel. And have decided our country club names would be Bunny, Mitzi and Gloria. (I’m Bunny if you were curious).

(7) Getting to work all week at the new Public Works facility. It’s very nice.

(8) This picture Nate sent me from the Vikings game last weekend of Ollie. My sister-in-law’s boyfriend got free tickets and invited Nate and Ollie to go. Ollie had a ton of fun, don’t let this picture fool you. It made me laugh so hard.

(9) Getting a chance to go shop and wander the stores a bit with my mom while the guys were at the game. We don’t get to do that as often anymore so it’s nice when we get a chance.

(10) This sweetheart. He’s been a bit more of a clingy mama’s boy this week as he often is when I’m working the earlier shift, but I’ll take it. I love his hugs and snuggles so much.

And here we are at the weekend! We have our St. Louis family in town so we’ll be spending some time with them. Nate’s ambitiously going to make his jerk chicken for everyone tomorrow, so we will see how that goes! I hope you all have a great weekend! Feel free to link up with the girls and I below and check out the other posts!

8 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 8.24.18

  1. That tomato looks too pretty to eat! I’ve hardly read this month so I have to get my ass in gear otherwise September will take me down. Ha!

  2. Looks like another great week! Ollies face cracks me up! Lookin tough kid! 4 books!! Go you! I cant wait to see what you read! Also, that song…it kinda just grabs you right? First 3 lines and I was sold! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Beth!!

  3. Oh, Beth!! What a wonderful week you’ve had! Between sushi and coming up with country club names (omg, that’s the best!), shopping date with your momma, an affectionate Ollie, having time to read, harvesting from your garden—so many happy moments! Hope the weather held for you last night and that you had fun at the fair!!

  4. Well, hello, Bunny! 😉 It sounds like you’ve had a really nice week – despite it being really busy. I hope your weekend was lots of fun and Nate was able to make his chicken for everyone. That picture of Ollie at the game is great! I’m glad he DID have fun though. lol Yay for reading four books in August! Can’t wait to hear about them.


  5. Aww that last pic of you and Ollie… SO sweet. Love it. With school starting Jona has been extra snuggly too, and I’ll take it. He’s not typically much of a snuggler. Nice job with the garden too, that is awesome! I have a tiny basil plant that has managed to stay alive… that’s it though 🙂

  6. Hey girl,

    I was thinking the same darn thing last week, TGI EFFING FRIDAY! It was a long weekend and I was looking forward to spending the weekend at home with no real plans other than errands, seeing a friend and just relaxing. It was needed.
    Pippin definitely looks like a few cats I look after. I find the tuxedo babies to be some of the sweetest cats. 🙂
    Loving the picture of all three of you ladies. Yall look like you’re having a blast!
    Looks like Oliver is already starting to master his poses and faces for the camera. He can do the duck lips better than some ladies I’ve seen doing it (and looking ridiculous doing so, I might add). 🙂

    Hope this week has been better than the last one, love. XOXOX Love you!

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