What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 8.17.18

Happy Friday everyone! Did this feel like a long week to anyone else? I don’t know what it was, but man. The coveted weekend is finally here though! It’s going to be a bit of a busier one for me but I’m still looking forward to it. Before we look ahead though, it’s time to look back on the week with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay in a little thing we like to do called What’s Up Weekend, where we look back at the good and happy things from our week. Let’s dive right into the happy, shall we?

(1) We are minus a tree in our backyard now. Our basswood tree was rotting out and dying and it was time for it to come down. The guys we hired did a fantastic job. My backyard looks very weird now though, going to take some getting used to!

(2) Listening to Ollie read us books at night. He’s really thriving with his reading, I took a video of him and Nate reading together the other night and it’s the cutest thing ever.

(3) Another donut adventure last weekend. We’ve tried some really awesome bakeries this summer, this time we went to Mel-O-Glaze in Minneapolis.

(4) Finding a new to us disc golf course that we really enjoyed over by Minnehaha Falls…and then finding ourselves at Sea Salt for the second time this summer for lunch. SO good.

(5) A fun date night with Nate last weekend and going to a pinball bar. Pinball and beer, what more do you need?

(6) Our garden is FINALLY starting to produce some goods. We harvested some of our first tomatoes this week and we’re getting lots of hot peppers. The other super exciting thing is we actually can see ears of corn, so we should have those in another couple of weeks too.

(7) This epic beer can. I’ve had this beer called Ninja versus the Unicorn from Pipeworks Brewing out at a restaurant, but when I saw it on the shelf at the liquor store last week I knew I had to bring it home so I could have the can. How could I not.

(8) Lots of time to read the last couple of weeks. I’m almost done with my third book this month, that’s the most I’ve read in a month in a long time. Reviews will be coming to the blog soon!

(9) This epic Unicorn shirt that I bought at Rewind’s Get Pretty sale. Yes I know the 1990’s would like it’s shirt back, but they can’t have it. It’s my lounging around the house shirt now.

(10) Family hugs. Sometimes when Nate and I are hugging, Ollie will come running over and sandwich himself in between us. It makes my heart soar. I love my boys. I’m a sap. I don’t care.

And now onto my busy weekend. I have a wedding to go to tonight for my cousin. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment. Sunday I’m going to a fundraiser for a dear friend who’s husband is dealing with cancer a second time and then Sunday evening I’m going to have sushi with another good friend. It will be a full and fun weekend I think! I hope you all have a great one!

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5 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 8.17.18

  1. That’s great Ollie is doing so well with his reading. I love hearing little kids read – it’s adorable. Yum, that donut looks amazing. And I love your new unicorn shirt. It might be very 90’s but that’s okay – didn’t you hear the 90’s are coming back already?! I hope you have a great weekend – sounds busy, but fun!


  2. That is great that Ollie is doing so well with his reading and that he loves books. Sounds like you are also enjoying reading – I look forward to the book reviews.
    That donut adventure sounds (and looks) like fun!
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend and that the week ahead is a good one.

  3. My co-worker brought in donuts this week and I had one and I think this will hold me over for the next 5 years… LOL I love the ‘idea’ of donuts, but they’re SO SWEET!

  4. Hey momma,

    A week late but what’s that saying, better late than never? 😉 You have a gorgeous backyard, too bad you had to take down the tree.
    Those donuts look so yummy, too bad I’m cutting off junk so that I can lose a bit of fluff I got on my stomach over the last 5 weeks. LOVE your unicorn shirt girly. 🙂
    Send me some backyard yummy goodness. That’s one of the reasons I’d love a house one day, is to have a garden of my very own.

    Hope you had an okay week even though you’ve been on the early, gross shift.

    Love you!

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