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Currently, Goals and Mantras for August

I’m doing double duty in today’s post, it’s Currently with Anne of In Residence and I’ll be sharing my Goals and Mantras for August as well. It’s all happening! First up, some current happenings based on the prompts!

~Currently I Am~

Following – My fellow KEEP designers at convention this weekend. It wasn’t in the cards for me to go, but my dear friend and mentor has promised to text and message me all the exciting things they learn about and see in Nashville. Perhaps I’ll be able to join them next year!

Ordering – I just got some credit from a clean-out bag on ThredUp so I might have to make an order from them.

Pinning – Tattoo ideas. It’s been almost a year since my last one and I’m getting the bug for another one. It is so true about once you have one…the next one I want is three little birds to represent my family (and we love the Bob Marley song too)

Watching – Nate just got me started on The Great British Baking Show. I love it! I’m such a sucker for competitions shows based around cooking and baking.

Counting – The minutes until Nate gets home from his work trip tonight. It’s sappy, but he’s my person and I miss him when he’s not here!

Moving on, I’m going to do my goals and mantras for the month too. First up, a look back at my July goals and how I did.

July Goals

Take donations to the thrift store  Done! I am so happy to be several bags of clothing lighter at home. And as you read yesterday, I took my Goodwill coupon and bought a few things I thought would fill the gaps in my closest.

Get a handle on the toy situation at our house – Nope. Not even close. I would like to try to get a few larger items that Ollie doesn’t play with anymore, like an alphabet train, out of the house, I think that would be a good place to start.

Pick out exterior paint colors for the house – I’m going to give this one a check. We aren’t going to paint right now, we made a decision that instead we’d like to finish replacing the windows in the house and would rather wait to paint until that is done.

Go to the beach – YES! We had a great beach day in early July on a very warm day. I wouldn’t mind going back on another warm day if we get one.

Go on a picnic – Yes. We actually went on a picnic this past weekend for lunch and enjoyed some time at a park near us.

Start a happiness project – Again I’m going to give myself a pass on this, because in the end I realized I’m already kind of living my happiness project this year through project: Nourish.

For August, I’m feeling the need to get organized. Might have something to do with the fact that there’s only one month left until Ollie is back at school or something, but I’m just feeling that pull. So my goals are based a lot around that.

August Goals

~Go through Ollie’s fall and winter clothing

~Go through my own fall and winter clothing

~Clean out the closet in the bathroom

~Get Ollie’s school paperwork turned in

~Go on a date with Nate

~Visit the MN State Fair

~Get the toys organized

~Go to the zoo

Lots of “work” to do, but I made sure to throw some fun ones in there as well. Can’t have all work and no play, right? For my mantras, I’m feeling that summer is slipping through my fingers so fast. I am a Fall girl and I love it more than anything, but I’m not ready yet. I want some more lazy days in the backyard drinking a beer. I want another beach day. I’m just not ready to think about holidays and cold weather and school and all that. So my mantras are going to be focused on slowing down and enjoying the moment. We have another full month of summer and I intend to make the most of it.

Onward and upward my friends! Let’s make August a fantastic month!

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8 thoughts on “Currently, Goals and Mantras for August

  1. I definitely want this month to slow down a bit – and it needs to stop raining so I can swim some more. Fall is my favorite season though, so once it’s hear, I’ll be excited. 🙂 Ooh I like the little bird idea for a tattoo. I hope you can get your next one soon!!


  2. Great quotes! I totally agree with this one : “Sometimes, slowing down is the most precious gift we can give ourselves”. Oh and going to the zoo should be fun. I hope you get to do that.

    Also, “I’m such a sucker for competitions shows based around cooking and baking.” YEP. Me too! I am going to have to watch that show 😀

  3. I need to give The Great British Baking Show another try – it sure seems like something that would be right up my alley, but I didn’t get into it when I first tried. And yessssss I took a car-load of stuff to Goodwill last week too, and it feels so good – I just feel so light when I leave with an empty trunk! Hope you have a great end of summer – yes to more beer in the backyard and beach time 🙂

  4. I also love Fall, but I’m not ready yet either. Although, some days I’m definitely ready for the boys to get back in school! Ha! Love the three little birds idea. I think of my three boys with that song too.

  5. Wow, you crused those July goals. Way to go, girl!

    Sounds like your August goals will be pretty doable, too!
    I am also planning a visit to the zoo this month 🙂 I hope it’ll happen.

    I still have a ThredUp credit that I need to use, but I have to find something that I really, really want.

  6. How cute is that tattoo, I love it! The Great British Baking Show is so good! I started watching it before I started my grad class and now I don’t have any time to watch anymore. Boo! 🙁 Nice job on your July goals! I need to start looking through our fall and winter stuff too, aahhh!

  7. I love that you threw in fun goals too for the month of August.


    It’s friggin August. Like, how the hell did that happen?!

    I love that tattoo idea so much!! I’ve been feeling the itch to get inked, too. Not sure what yet, but it’s true what they say. You can’t just stop at one!

    Awww, the love that you and your hubby have for each other is lovely to witness 💕

  8. I love the mantras Beth! Nodding along because I also need to slow down and be more present.
    What you wrote about the Happiness Project is so awesome – I’m so glad you are living out your word for the year.
    Cannot believe that August is here – this year is just going way to quickly.

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