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Thrifty Tuesday – Secondhand Summer Update

I thought I’d give a little update on how my secondhand summer challenge has been going. I am going to toot my own horn – I am rocking it! I had forgotten how much I love thrifting, how much I love the challenge and how proud I am of what I can find for less. I am remembering tips and tricks and it’s been really working out well. Here are a few tips I have remembered and thought I’d share.

50% off days are your friend! I went on the 4th of July and grabbed myself a couple of pairs of shorts and a bunch of tank tops and spent less than $20. I will say I never waste time trying things on when it’s a 50% off day, so I take a chance on what I get. It can be kind of picked over, but I find it also helps me be a little more discerning in what I take home. The next 50% off day is Labor Day so I’m hoping to go grab a few items for Fall.

Donation coupons are also your friend. If you donate to places like Goodwill, they give you a 25% off coupon for donating. I took my coupon and managed to grab a pair of pants, a dress and a couple of shirts and spent under $20. And they were good brands – Gap, LOFT, Skies Are Blue (from Stitch Fix).

Even consignment shops will offer good deals if you watch. My two favorite consignment stores are Style Encore and Clothes Mentor and both stores just had a 70% off summer clearance sale. It’s a great way to grab summer (or whatever season the sale falls in) staples for less. I got a great pair of Old Navy shorts at Style Encore.

It might sound like all I’m doing is shopping, but that isn’t true. I am still going with a scaled back closet and have only  used my thrift trips to fill in some blanks. I’m kind of waiting now to give my fall and winter stuff a look over and then as I said, I’ll do some more shopping on Labor Day potentially. My generous sister-in-law also just gave me a bunch of shoes, so that’s been kind of a nice bonus too!

Dress as skirt – Old Navy (Arc’s Value Village), Shirt – Gap (Goodwill), Sandals – Unknown (Style Encore)

Now in the interest of being completely honest, I do still shop Lularoe, but only through one close friend at this point. I don’t count that as the same thing as shopping at Target or Old Navy. It’s supporting a local business. As a fellow entrepreneur with my KEEP, I will always support other local peeps. When it gets to be time for holiday shopping I plan to shop local again, I did last year and it just felt so good. I still love me some Target, I’m not gonna lie, but I’m trying to use it for more of my “essentials” – underwear and beauty supplies and that kind of thing. So far, so good. My hope is to continue Secondhand Summer into the fall and winter months as well. I’m fully embracing the Thrift Life again. It feels good!

6 thoughts on “Thrifty Tuesday – Secondhand Summer Update

  1. Every time I read one of your posts about thrifting it gets me excited. I love to thrift and I need to get out more often to my local thrift shops. You inspire me to do it. I also support a friend of mine who sells LulaRoe and I feel the same way. Supporting local business.

  2. Lularoe definitely counts as local business! And that’s great that your secondhand shopping is going well and you’re finding things you need. I got a ton of clothes this past year from someone who was moving and needed to get rid of a lot, so I’m good with most things…granted, not everything she sent me fit, but still!


  3. You ARE doing awesome on your challenge! I admit that since my own secondhand challenge last year I haven’t done very much (if any!) thrifting at all. I do love ThredUp and need to send them a bag, but for some reason I just haven’t shopped there for a while. I need to be better about going to local consignment shops but I have to be in the right mood!

  4. I love 50% off sales, but you’re right. You do have to be discerning about what you buy. I have to remind myself that just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean I need to own it. I was able to stock up on some basics this summer and these are pieces I can wear year round. 🙂

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