What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 7.27.18

Hello friends! Happy Friday! We have made it through another week! We’re actually getting a taste of Fall here in MN right now and I won’t lie, while I have embraced all things summer, I’m loving this weather! Anyway, as always on Fridays I’m here with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay (welcome back Lindsay!) to look back at the good things of the week in our What’s Up Weekend post! Here’s what was good in my week.

(1) A bonfire with my boys on Saturday. We promised Ollie he could stay up a little bit and sit outside with us while we had a fire and he was so excited. He wanted to roast marshmallows but didn’t want to eat them. More S’mores for mama!

(2) Sleeping with the windows open. Fresh air feels so good.

(3) The Great Donut Tour of 2018 continues. This last weekend found us at a newer joint in NE Minneapolis called Sleepy V’s. They specialize in mini donuts. Naturally we had to order a half dozen. So good.

(4) Marco Polo chats with friends. Due to circumstances beyond our control this summer Jen and I haven’t really been able to meet up hardly at all, but thanks to Marco Polo we’re able to keep in touch pretty well. I also have a group of high school buddies in a group chat and we all go back and forth about our days and things going on, sometimes it’s just faster and easier than texting.

(5) Speaking of friends, getting surprise mail from my friend and KEEP Mentor this week. I won’t lie, there are some days I wonder if I’m really doing all that well with KEEP but her note and goodies reminded me that I am doing this for fun and everything else is just icing on the cake.

(6) Sushi date night at home with Nate.

(7) Thrift shopping and finding a few good items for under $20. I will have a post next week about how my secondhand summer has been going and it’s actually going really well!

(8) Christmas in July. I’ve been celebrating Christmas in July with my KEEP group this week and it’s been fun talking about favorite Christmas things. I’m not rushing the seasons, but I do love Christmas so it’s kind of fun to talk about it more than in December!

(9) Celebrating National Tequila Day the right way. With our best homemade margaritas of course!

(10) And finally, this meme that makes me laugh so hard. Africa has been everywhere right now (thank you Weezer) and Ollie happens to really like the song so we’ve been listening to it a lot. And this meme is SO true.

Looking ahead to the weekend we’ll be getting the boys some haircuts and getting Nate ready to go out of town for a work trip. Hoping to get some quality time together for the three of us since Nate will be gone next week for a little bit. I hope you all have a great weekend! Feel free to link up with us below and check out the other posts!

7 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 7.27.18

  1. HAH I love that Africa meme. So so true! Ooh yay for fires and s’mores. I really want to make some s’mores (so hopefully soon). That’s really sweet of your friend/KEEP mentor to send you those goodies. And yes, remember why you started and just have fun!


  2. Haha! That meme with the seagull is so perfect because I heard that song earlier today and that’s exactly how I sang it. There is nothing better than roasting marshmallows on a fire. What a great way to spend a summer evening!

  3. Omg that meme at the end 🤣🤣🤣 I’m a sucker for the original but I’ll take Africa any day I can get it. True story: one of my best friends get married maybe 8 years ago? Had the show play that song at his wedding three times. Lol still makes me laugh because by the third time all the guests were like “again?!”

    Omg that donut tour!!! So pretty!!

    Nothing better than marshmallows in the summer 🙂 have a great weekend, my sweet friend, and i promise to catch up with you. I’ve missed your blog so much!

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a great month, Beth! Love your backyard and s’mores!! #9. My friend made us margaritas last friday night. OMG, they were amazing. She seriously makes the best ones. One batch was made with fresh strawberries and the second batch was lime. Problem was we did a craft after, and well, we should’ve waited until Saturday to do the craft. Haha. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. That is too funny that Ollie didn’t want to eat the s’mores! That was me as a kid too and now I can’t get enough–give me ALL the s’mores! And oh man those donuts look SO GOOD! I think we’re going to do donuts instead of cake for Jona’s party this year, so I need to do some local donut exploring of my own.

  6. What’s a Marco Polo chat? (I am sure it’s a phrase that haven’t heard before while everybody else knows that it means).

    So fun you were able to do a bonfire with Ollie, but then he didn’t eat the S’mores 😉 (I am not much of a marshmellow person myself, so I can relate).

  7. Sitting in front of the bonfire right now sounds so idyllic and something I’ve yet to do this summer. Perhaps this weekend up at Jeff’s dads house…
    that seagull meme is awesome! Hahahah! I hope your week was good despite Nate being the missing puzzle piece. Love you lady! Xo

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