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Happy Planner Review

I’ve embraced all things technology and consider myself pretty savvy with it, but when it comes to calendars and planners, I’m still VERY analog. I think there’s a few reasons for it. One thing is that studies have proven when you write something down, you’re more likely to remember it. And also, the creative side of me just loves getting a planner to fill out and decorate and make my own. I have also found since Ollie has been in school, I prefer a planner that follows the school calendar (most planners that go July to June instead of January to December). I’ve tried a few different ones over the last couple of years, most recently finishing a pretty inexpensive one from Target. I was ready to just go get another cheap one, then I saw Michaels was having a sale on the Happy Planner. I have wanted a Happy Planner for a number of years now, so it was time go all in. I am in love.

I shared the cover in my What’s Up Weekend post last week, but I’ll share it again here in case you missed it. I fell in love with this Choose Happy with a flamingo. I’m hoping to start a happiness project soon and I think happiness is going to be a pretty big focus for me, so the words “choose happy” stood out to me. And I’ve been kind of obsessed with flamingos this summer, especially after starting with KEEP and having two different flamingo charms to play with! I like that a flamingo represents standing tall and being who you are.

I love that it’s a ring style binder. I have had a couple of planners that didn’t have that type of binding and it was really hard to keep them open! And the rings are cute – hearts punched in the middle of each one. Then inside the book, the dividers for each month are super cute, they have inspirational sayings and my favorite – one of the months has a unicorn.

Each month starts with an overview page – important dates, goals for the month, notes and to-dos. I thought it would be a nice way to tie in my goals and mantras for each month when I post them here! It will also help me with managing KEEP, I can keep track of launch dates and different things like that. It’s a place I can list birthdays and anniversaries or holidays too.

Next you have the full month calendar. It’s nice sized, two pages for the month and the squares are good sized to fill in information.

And then finally we have the day planner pages – again, nice amount of room. It kind of breaks into three chunks, so I look at it as kind of morning, afternoon and evening. I like that it isn’t necessarily broken down by hour or anything like that. It has a nice side margin where you can write notes for the week. As you can see, I also bought a pack of Happy Planner stickers to embellish the book a little bit. As I said, I like being able to be creative and make my planner my own. And I want it to be fun! The stickers were part of the sale, so I added them on when I bought the book.

As I said above, I’m pretty much in love with this planner. It may be my favorite one to date. It is too big for my purse, but that is ok. I mostly leave it on my desk at work and if I need to bring it home, I’ll just carry it by hand.

Are you a planner person? Or have you gone more digital and think I’m crazy to waste money on this? Ha!

12 thoughts on “Happy Planner Review

  1. I really love the theme of this one! I had a Happy Planner that I got on sale at Michael’s last year, but it was the seasons one and it wasn’t as pretty as this one. I did like the layout and such of it though. I love the flamingo and the unicorn! So magical!

  2. OMMMG! This is so pretty! I am in love with this planner. I love flamingos. This is my favorite thing right now. Awee, this post made me so happy. I love this so much. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love my paper planner! I think it really helps me visualize all that’s going on and also holds my todo list. I have to admit though that I do still use my iCal on my phone/laptop so I can also have everything in there and be able to click the even address for quick directions.

  4. Totally a planner person.. I usually get the pretty cheap ones but I know some people who buy the erin condrin ones who feel it’s worth it.. I may have to get one of these they are so cute! My wall calendar at home is everything too as we all check it everyday to see what’s on the schedule. So I just need to work better on synching the two as I’m always needing to check the calendar without being at home!

  5. I think these are lovely. I like the personalized way of keeping track of appointments and memories alike. I always buy a new planner in December for the next year. I get a little thrill from starting a new one each year, I won’t lie. Plus, add in stickers!! I need to do that. And well, there’s a unicorn in there so say no more. Nice review Beth!

  6. Oh you know me, I love paper planners. And I think Happy Planners are pretty good prices -and they go on sale a lot. If you want more stickers or other fun things to decorate, keep an eye on Michael’s sales and use their 40% off full priced items (there is usually a new one every single week). Your planner is super cute; I like the flamingo. And yay for a unicorn on one of the months!
    Don’t forget to link up to the Keep It Together link up. You can always wait for next month if you want too – third Thursday of the month. 🙂


  7. This looks like a stunning planner. I love the flamingo on the front! I need to get myself a nice planner and love getting ideas and seeing what everyone does with theirs. The fact there is a unicorn means this one was made for you 🙂

  8. I love the ring style and the fun graphics of the Happy Planner too. To me it has a similar feel of more expensive planners (like Erin Condren) but for WAY less. I also like that it breaks the day into 3 chunks, so you can choose how you section out your day–by time/theme/etc. The only thing that I don’t love about it is that I’d like to have a bit more room every day. I think for next year I may switch to a planner that has a page for every day, or just go back to bullet journaling. I wish Happy Planner made one like that or I’d buy that again.

  9. I love the designs of the Happy Planners, and the unicorn is extra cute (and so fitting for you!), but I just don’t love the “disc binding”… it’s the main reason why I haven’t given the planner a go.

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